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I am a nurse and certified health coach and offer personalized nutrition and weight loss counseling. I have been coaching people for 2 years now, and can’t think of anything I would rather do! I am obsessed with helping people lose weight, find their true selves again and most importantly, stay like that for the rest of their lives.

My main mission as a coach is to help my clients achieve freedom–physically, mentally and financially. I am passionate about helping my clients find their own abundant lives through the freedom they feel! I love life and want my clients to feel the same amount of energy, love, joy and passion from day to day that I feel.

What’s a health coach?

To find out more about my weight loss coaching, send an email to Kirtley{at}thegistoffit.com with your number on it (sometimes the return email does not work) and we can set up a free 15 minute consultation on the phone. I work with both local and virtual clients. I like to find out more about your own specific health goals, what you have already done, and how motivated you are for change.

Due to my high volume of clients I can only accept highly motivated individuals who are ready to learn and find their “freedom.”

Until then, take care!!!

For testimonials, click HERE

Here are a few clients who have done my program:

Shaunzi down 80!! TJ down 30.2 lbs in 90 days

My before and after tummy

82 lbs gone Darren down 74 lbs in 90 days

Stephanie 60 lbs in 3 months Dean and Heather 132 lbs!

12 thoughts on “Let’s work together

  1. Hi, I saw one of your posts on Pinterest. I was hoping to get more information from you along with where you got certified for health coaching?

  2. Hello Kirtley,
    I just visited your site and I’m very impressed with the career that you have created for yourself. I am a registered Nurse that is currently pursuing her health Coach certification. A little over a year ago I was running a busy immunology office with an IV site. I loved helping patients, guiding them through difficult autoimmune flares and patient teaching. I was truly happy with my nursing career until my health got in the way of me preforming my duties. I was diagnosed with a progressive neurological disorder that has greatly impacted my daily life as well as my responsibilities at work. I have always been interested in nutrition. I loved guiding patients to find balance in their lives. I think this is what lead me down the road of pursuing a Health Coach certification.
    I was wondering what program you used that has prepared you so well for your change in career? Is there any websites that you recommend to help me gain more confidence in and building my business? Any sites that help with worksheets?
    Thank you!

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