Vegan Zucchini Pancake Recipe!

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So I was in a hurry to make HEALTHY and AWESOME pancakes, and I didn’t want to follow a recipe.

You ever do that?1pancakes

I knew the GIST of pancakes:

  • 1 1/2 cupish flour
  • A little bit of baking soda, baking powder, and salt
  • A little sugar if you want
  • Some liquid
  • An egg

I knew you could add WEIRD stuff like ZUCHINNIS…so I went for it.


And to keep a long story short (ahhhh!), they turned out AMAZING!! Well…they have a unique texture, but the flavor totally rock this world.


One tip I have to quicker cooking is to learn how to eyeball things. Get to know the GIST of what ingredients are in what—then go for it! Try it with bread and muffins even. Once you can do that, cooking will be speedy and super rewarding (YOU just made up a recipe)—with a little bit of an exciting risk involved.


Pancakes are hard to mess up. They are great for experimenting the eyeballing method.

In order to help you break the ice, I’m not going to give you portion sizes! Try it out alright?! Look up three other pancakes recipes and compare how they are similar. Choose what ingredients you want to use and GO FOR IT!

  • A bunch of oatmeal (for the flour–gluten free baby!)
  • A little baking powder, soda and salt
  • Some kind of sweetener, your pick. Sugar, honey, agave, etc.

Blend them all up until it looks like flour.

  • A bunch of zuchinni (next time I will add more)
  • Some water (get the consistency that looks normal)
  • An egg (optional!)

That’s it! I like to experiment so I did half the batter with an egg, the other half without. The eggless didn’t turn out quite as smooth and rounded…but it tasted the same!

Now go try to eyeball your own creation! You’ll be surprised at how nice it is NOT to use measuring cups and spoons!!

Take care, change the world today you guys!


Are you someone who HAS to measure everything and follow the exact directions?

Or, do you like to experiment and do your own thang?

Best original creation of yours??

20 thoughts on “Vegan Zucchini Pancake Recipe!

  1. We love pancakes! My kids are pretty good at spotting anything out of the ordinary in their food so I would have to make sure the zucchini isn’t visible. 🙂 I love that just about anything can be put into pancakes!

    • Hahah oh man I am NOT looking forward to picky eaters! I think from day one I’ll just make everything look super funky so green polka dot pancakes don’t even phase em’;) Thanks for stopping by Fawn!

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