Valentine’s weekend and some marriage advice

Hey Super Stars!

How was your weekend?!! Hope it was crazy good!

It’s been awhile since I just gave a life update, so I thought I’d do one today of last week’s Valentine adventures plus some.

It started out with a ward Valentine party–which included a bunch of adults who live near by. We had a speaker who had us laughing the whole time. He bought his wife tickets for Fiji as a surprise and she refused to go because it was their first child’s first birthday.


What would you do??!!

I brought my favorite broccoli salad for the occasion.


Since the weather has been so incredibly good, Josh invited to go out and read with him during the week. We chose the hay bales in the barn with the horses.

Such country bumpkins.

As far as fitness, Josh and I tried out crossfit for the first time! We totally loved it, but our hands got all blistsered from the pull up bar. We’ll wrap up next time.


We have been rock climbing as frequently as possible! I’m trying to get my arms super buff. One armed pull up would be an awesome feat this year!


On Friday this is the marriage advice I what on Facebook:

“One reason Josh and I get along really well is that I don’t hide my weird wife expectations(you know we all have them haha) and I don’t make him read my mind. I learned that early on, and suggest this for EVERY WOMAN!!

This was our conversation this morning, due to me being a little nervous he hadn’t planned anything like he usually does (he’s a total romantic babe):

Me: “So Josh!! Are you going to get me anything for Valentines??”
Josh:”Hm…what do you want?”
Me:” You should get me flowers and chocolate this year, that would totally rock!! And what do you want…?”

Haha. I’m weird, I know, but you bet I won’t let Josh forget Valentines day, because it would be MY fault!

I don’t make him read my mind, and things are REALLY awesome when we do that!! I totally suggest women doing that. It’s STILL fun and surprising, and he always adds a cute spin to things–in case you were afraid of taking the fun out it part:) Have a GREAT Valentine’s day everyone!!”

And seriously?

Open communication like that makes all the difference.

And gosh, he way exceeded my expecations for this year’s V-day!

Two hours after I wrote that, Josh comes home and give me 2 pre-valentine presents! Who does that?!


He gave me chocolates from my absolute FAAVORITE chocolate place (they’re super expensive) and out favorite Teavana herbal tea flavor, Blueberry Bliss and Pineapple Kona Pop. 

I wasn’t allowed to open the chocolates until Valentine’s, to heighten the anticipation haha. I love that! Then he gave me all the plans for the next day.

I love how he works! It all sounded so fun to me!

Valentine’s morning I got up early and made apple cinnamon stuffed rolls, and breakfast burritos. I tried out vegan sour cream for the first time and loved it! I am super cheesy and turned our kitchen into “The Heart Throb Cafe.” Yea, weird 😉


Off to the nursery to plan our upcoming garden! Got some squash, okra, green beans, swiss chard among a few! So excited!

Oh and Josh also bought me the flowers I had asked for haha!


Then to the grocery store for herbal tea fruit to dehydrate. We had to share a Valentine’s doughnut. Yes, I eat those here and there!


He headed up to the hot pots and the trail was suuuuper icy the whole way up! My goal was to not slip on my rear end.

We made it and wipped out the chocolates. 20150214_153409_1

Enjoyed the rest of our apple cinnamon tarts/rolls…


Rushed home to shower and take off to Ginger’s cafe for an amazingly clean dinner, and to buy more herbs for the tea.


Not sure if I’m pointing to my super interesting cup of water, or to the herb called, “False Unicorn”…


They gave us a free rose and Josh and I stopped at Macey’s for ice cream (movie night!). Josh had a cute idea of giving the rose to someone who needed it.

We picked a cashier who looked like she was having a hard day, and she almost started crying. Score!!! Totally made our day.


We decided we wanted to make that a new tradition here out.

Life is soooo good everyone! I feel so blessed to have such a loving, super man of a husband who not only cares about me, but other people as well.

Have a wonderful week!! Today’s my busy client day, so I’m off to the races!

Work hard and change someone’s life! Oh and I’ve got big news–

We’re going to New Zealand next Monday for 2 weeks!! Can’t wait!!!!!


How was your Valentine’s day??

Favorite place to eat out?

Do you have a favorite herbal tea?


20 thoughts on “Valentine’s weekend and some marriage advice

  1. OMG I love that you gave a rose to a stranger! I love doing things like that! My mom and I gave a $100 tip to a waitress at a diner on a $4.00 tab. She cried and it made our year! I also love you and your hubby…too adorable! I think your advice is great. I used to get upset when my husby didn’t plan or do an obvious chore that needed done. Then I just started telling and asking him for things that I want. Everything is so much better now that I do that instead of holding it all in! It looks like you two are so close and have such a great time together! Glad you had a great Valentine’s Day (those shoes though! LOVE!)
    Stacy @ Sweating Tulipz recently posted…Find Your Grit WorkoutMy Profile

    • Hey Stacty! Thanks for your comment! I LOVE that your mom did that, wow!!! That’s a big deal!! I would have cried too hah!

      That’s cool you do it too–it’s soo nice when you just speak your mind!

      And thanks, ya we have a ton of fun 🙂 And yes haha I feel like a GIANT when I wear those shoes!!

  2. Please take me to New Zealand!!! No, but seriously how exciting is that? I’ve always heard that New Zealand is just beyond gorgeous. Plus, who doesn’t love a fun trip….which is probably why I would have taken the tickets to Fiji. Sorry, kid. You are one and won’t even remember your first birthday. I’ll bring you back a souvenir from Fiji. Andddd that’s probably why I will be a horrible parent one day! haha
    Stacie @ SimplySouthernStacie recently posted…A Wicked Valentine’s WeekendMy Profile

  3. I love Teavana, their wild orange tea is really good. Sometimes I drink chamomile at night to help me sleep. My favorite place to eat out lately is The Cheesecake Factory, the salads are way good and so are the chicken lettuce wraps, everything there is way yummy!

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