The first thing to do after you stuff your face silly

Ever panic after you just ate too much of the ‘wrong’ food?


Aw yeah, check out my fries!

You go to Olive Garden and they bring out the bread sticks… you know each one has about 150 calories. But you can’t stop (yeppers, happened 3 weeks ago).

Or you pull out the ice cream for one spoon full, and suddenly the whole tub is gone (honestly, who hasn’t done that?).

Or you go to volunteer at an event that has all the Ding Dongs and doughnuts your heart could possibly desire (happened last week).

What’s the first thing most people say they need to do?



Why? They don’t want to gain weight. They want to burn the extra calories they ate.

I’m here to tell you, that is NOT the best thing to do if you are trying to compensate for unhealthy behaviors. Exercise is great but don’t use it as your first line of defense against weight gain.

It’s a waste of time and effort.

I knew of a mother who would eat whatever she wanted to, then send her child to daycare while she ‘exercised it off’ on stair stepper for 2 hours. She always said she was crazy busy.  I felt bad for her. She didn’t need to be spending all that time at the gym. It just seemed like a very unhealthy cycle-one that she could easily avoid.

Over exercising (I’m talking about exercising more than your normal routine and amount) in order to compensate for over eating will make you hungry. That will expose you to over eating again. Cycle repeats.

Plus, you are not addressing the very reason you feel a need to exercise–nutrition. If you want to feel and look healthy, you best focus on healthy eating.

So then what should you do?

The moment you realize that you overate, you should determine to start eating clean and healthy. It’s SO simple.

Don’t panic.

Don’t rush to the gym.



Don’t check out your stomach in the mirror and pinch the fat that you swear just appeared.

The fastest and easiest way to get back to balance, is to eat right. The next time you eat, make it clean and whole. I make sure I start eating vegetables for snacks. I refrain from refined sugar (including fruit drinks). I drink a lot of water. I watch my portions and maybe eat a little less. For dinners and lunch I focus on eating mostly vegetables with some flavorful meat.


I quickly feel my body balancing out and returning to the whole and clean feeling I am accustomed to.

I am not racing to the gym and working out for 2 hours, only to come home super hungry and wanting to binge again.

I take a cool, calm and collected approach. Repeat that and memorize that alright? I am cool, calm and collected. You really just need to be patient and trust this.


Honestly, I tooootally over ate when I volunteered at the tornado site last week. I was SO fun. After it all, I have to admit, I got a little worried and self-conscious. What if that mistake was going to make my stomach pooch reappear? It did seem like I was feeling a little softer than normal. Oh great.

But then I realized I was being over dramatic and I needed to relax.  I knew that all I needed to do was eat clean for the next couple of days and continue my exercise as normal. That was easy because I know how to eat clean, and I knew my mind got its “sugar fill” for the next few days.

So that’s what I did. No extra time at the gym. At least no more than I already do. I’m too busy to afford that, and I’m all about simplifying your life. Plus, I wanted to hang out with Josh.


Do you see how awesome that approach is? Learn how to use food right. It’s the most powerful tool you have to looking and feeling the way you want. It’s certainly what I use.

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