The first thing to do after you binge!

Hey team!

How are ya?? I’m off to Maryland today for a weekend training for health coaching! I am so stoked!! Josh and I are also making great progress on a fun picture book we’re writing together! Can’t wait to get it out!



Alright. So this isn’t new.

I used to over eat all the time. Haven’t we all at some point or another?

Brownies, ice cream, bread…all the good stuff. If we had a bag of candy in the house, it would be gone in a few hours.

Right after I overate, I had this immense urge to….just guess…


Most of us think that we have to DO something in order to REVERSE what we just did.

I’m here to say that I DON’T believe that anymore.

Using exercise for repentance is not what I ‘believe’ in anymore. To me it is just a sign that you are still in the diet trap, and will go in circles and circles ’til you jump out.

So what should you do? Here’s my opinion. It’s surprisingly simple:

Yes, do nothing!!

Just wait until you feel clean again. Usually that’s about 3 hours of me not eating anything. I just keep calm and recommit to taking care of my body.

If I use exercise to make up for bad habits, then you will always have a way to justify eating poorly, and you won’t have a reason to stop yourself from going overboard.

Imagine if you knew exercise was NOT an option after you ate that cake? Don’t you think you would try to eat healthier?

Yes for sure!

And then you would save a bunch of time. Maybe you could use that time for meal prep–which most of my clients say they don’t have time to do.

So my challenge?

Next time you over eat or feel regret for what you ate, just set an alarm for 3 hours. Don’t eat anything, just love yourself and wait til you feel clean again. When you do (and it might be sooner that 3 hours that’s fine), eat something healthy. And you will feel GOOD! And then decide to eat healthy the next day.

Let’s keep exercise in the positive category, not the category of punishment. Deal??

–>Living the Law of Abundance for weight loss

–>Get rid of your stomach pooch

Have a SPARKLY DAY and a wonderful weekend!

Personal news: I am working on getting a six pack by mid March! I am eating a 100% whole foods plant based diet, and am working my abs 45 min every other day. I see the muscles coming, and I am so stoked! If you want to be in our facebook group and join in the commitment, just respond in the comments below! Or try adding yourself here. We’ll see if that works!


Serious! I would love to hear what you think about that!

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