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If you’re interested in my private nutrition and weight loss counseling, just send me an email! All we do is set up a time to chat to see what your health goals are, and if my program matches your style and goals!


I’ve been coaching for 3 years now and have seen a LOT of success.

All of these pictures are clients that used my program. I can get you in contact with any of them.Yes, they do have amazing results. We don’t mess around. I take pride in my work.

Most clients here have lost 10 lbs per month through working with me to balance their blood sugars. IMG_2794 KandJon kristy and her mom Wow! Stephanie down 60 lbs on nursinng mothers

Sherrill, 60 lbs in 7 months

Renee at 70 lbs down ruth Shaunzi down 80!! whenthegymdidntwork 26 lbs in less than a month 40 lbs in 5 months 132 lbs! 11011204_10102061422769219_4117533965037907721_n 11150362_10205160857214729_178939750575918648_n 11831706_10207507259782396_1149486238032841822_n Amanda 112 lbs Amber36lbs16weeks29inches Amy35lbs andi Brooke--29 lbs Buff Lisa Debbie Hillarys transformation


Chris down 59 lbs in 90 days





Contact me if you’d like to set up a free evaluation for weight loss coaching. Might as well start making changes today!

Serious! I would love to hear what you think about that!

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