How many lbs do you want to lose BEFORE the New Years?

Hey Super Stars! How’s it going? So I only have a few minutes to chat but I want to get the word out! Our Holiday Health Challenge starts on MONDAY!!! This is an AMAZING challenge, you won’t want to miss it! Before you say, “I don’t want to miss out on pumpkin pie!!”please know it’s…
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How to Eat Dessert and Still Lose Weight

How I eat dessert and never gain weight!

The number one comment I hear when people even think about losing weight is, “I just can’t give up my desserts.” Same goes for maintaining weight. Well the bad news is—after reading this, you can’t use that as an excuse anymore! Have you ever gained weight after losing it (yes)? Why do you think you…
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How to conquer the holiday’s chocolate-on-the-counter

Hey Superstars!! We made it to Texas!! Twenty two hours in a car writing a children’s book with my hub, and listening to Atlas Shrugged…is totally doable.  What I’m proud of is that we never stopped to eat out, or buy junk at any gas stations! Our car snacks have evolved from chips and Twizzlers,…
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