Do you feel bad for people who are healthy??

Hey Super Stars!

How have you been doing? It’s been a long time!! I hope you are doing well!

I wanted to share what’s on my mind this week….I’m curious what you will think!


Think about someone you know who just RADIATES health. They are fit, they eat well…they just have it put together. They just kinda glow!

Alright, do you see that person?

Now…take a guess.

Do you think they are happy?

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9 Ways to Avoid Overeating Christmas Dinner

Merry Christmas my friends!! Hope you all have happy plans for today and tomorrow! Josh and I are in Texas enjoying the warm weather with his family. It’s perfect running weather and I’ve really enjoyed that! And great mornings for meditating! So I know many of you are debating whether or not you want to…
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How to conquer the holiday’s chocolate-on-the-counter

Hey Superstars!! We made it to Texas!! Twenty two hours in a car writing a children’s book with my hub, and listening to Atlas Shrugged…is totally doable.  What I’m proud of is that we never stopped to eat out, or buy junk at any gas stations! Our car snacks have evolved from chips and Twizzlers,…
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