Sugar Leash Series #3: The image I created

This is 3 of 3 of the Sugar Leash Series. Go HERE for #1, HERE for #2.


We have made good progress and I’m excited to add this portion to the Sugar Leash Series. For those who are new, the Sugar Leash Series is about how I overcame my sugar addiction—and how sugar just doesn’t have a pull on me anymore like it used to. It’s an AMAZING feeling to be free from any food addiction. I say that I am free from the ‘leash’ sugar has on me. Kinda cool right? I still love sugar but I don’t need it to be happy and have a good time.

If you are wanting to lose weight—it’s a good idea to aim for this idea, so listen up!


Previously, I nailed down 3 reasons that led me to where I am now. I already talked about how my professor introduced me to intuitive eating.

Today will be about:

“The image I created about sugar, from educating myself.”

How many of you have actually taken time to read what sugar does to your body? Ever heard of your blood sugar levels, or your insulin? Do you know what your liver does with extra sugar? Do you know what happens to diabetics when their insulin is too high for too long? Bad things happen…really bad things.

I won’t take the time today to tell you about sugar—maybe kinda hopefully this will trigger your own search to find out what it does. What I do want to share are a few ways that ‘changed’ me and my concept of sugar.

First, consider this—Why don’t we eat those gorgeous red berries on that parks’ bushes? Why don’t we eat the super cute white mushrooms that grow out of horse manure? In fact, why don’t we eat poop??


Plus poop smells bad and looks gross—but red poisonous berries don’t!


There is power in knowledge. Knowledge can really help you made good decisions for how you treat your body!! If you truly want a healthy, happy body, and if you truly respect it, then it will be easy to treat it right. I mean, how do you treat your best friends? I know I want to treat my BF/hubby the best I can. How do I do that? I do my homework! I observe what he likes and read and listen for good ideas. You can do the same thing for your body!

The book that helped me see sugar differently

Honestly, I don’t even know if this books talks about sugar, but somehow something clicked in my head.

  • The Happiness Diet

This is the first real food/diet book I read. I highly recommend it! It will leave you slightly confused about what you should actually eat haha, so be careful.

Another book I LOVE is Why French Women Don’t Get Fat. It has GREAT tips on chocolate moderation! Please please please read it!

Unfortunately there are no other epic books or articles that I clearly remember which helped me learn about sugar, and kinda turn against it. I am a nurse however, and we did learn about it at school. I know it helped to know a little about physiology.

Somehow through reading and hearing things about sugar, and through working with diabetics, I developed a harmful IMAGE of what sugar does to my body. What I am about to describe is just my crazy imagination—it’s NOT factual.

This is what goes on in my head when I think of putting a bunch of sugar in my body:

  • I see little mad bug guys swarming inside my veins. I see them pushing against my veins and causing a lot of stress on them. I see them scratching my veins with their spears (as if sugar was a sharp molecule) so that they become weakened and thin.
    • Awful right?
  • I also imagine my liver and heart undergoing a bunch of stress in order to cope with the load of sugar I just dumped into my body (without their permission). My heart is pumping harder in order to help my liver pump out the needed insulin to control to chaotic sugar levels. I GREATLY disturbed them (Aladdin comes to mind: Who dares disturb my slumber??). They are tired when they should be resting. I am wearing them out when they could be in a peaceful homeostasis.

Weird right? I totally personify my liver and heart—but hey, I love them! They make me feel good—so I want to treat them well.

Again—this is my imagination. I don’t know where it came from (some parts are true), but it REALLY works for me. Countless times this image has been the reason I have said no to junk food. I just don’t want to…disturb my body. I don’t want to give it stress when it doesn’t need it. I am a bit of a people pleaser…so I guess it makes sense that I want to please my personified liver and heart (gee, should I give them names?!).

So what’s my tip for getting over a sugar addiction?

Educate yourself.

Find out what happens to your body when it’s on a sugar overload. If it grosses you out—GOOD! Hold on to that!! Create some horrible image of ugly sharp-toothed bad guys hurting your body. You will find that next time sugar comes around—you’ll at least think twice. When something just isn’t as appealing, your appetite for it leaves.

Remember—what if someone told you that candy was as deadly as red poisonous berries? It wouldn’t be tough to steer clear. It’s not just so you know…but it’s not as good as cherries either.

That being said, why do smokers still smoke? Cigarettes LITERALLY have poison in them. So that goes to prove that you need more than just knowledge to get over an addiction. Hence the sugar seriessss. I needed several techniques that helped me conquer sugar, and I’m doing me best to give them to ya!

This is the end!

Please keep in mind—I do eat sugar. I love sugar! But I am not afraid of it. I am not it’s slave. I am in control, and that is a lovely thing. I eat sugar whenever I want—but that’s my secret.   I just. don’t. want it. all .the time.

Moderation in all things baby!! Take care!

Go HERE for #1, HERE for #2.of the Sugar Leash Series.


Alright, tell me what you think. How has education helped you with your health? Has it made a difference?? 

Maybe education hasn’t helped you avoid harmful foods/habits. What has made the difference for you? How do you work with your sugar addiction?

14 thoughts on “Sugar Leash Series #3: The image I created

  1. THANKS Kirtley!!
    I loved your other posts about sugar too! They are really helping me get a grip on my sugar intake. Great examples too!

  2. Love this!

    Same thing happened to me–when I finally started to understand what sugar does to my body, i just didn’t want it all the time anymore. I’m better at feeling my body out more too, like you’ve said in previous posts. Thanks!

  3. Ya know, I’ve read so many books and I know that too much sugar is bad for you, but it just hasn’t fixed it yet. I do resonate with your post about intuitive eating, I’ll have to try that out more. But yeah, I feel like a smoker who knows it’s bad but just can’t quit. It’s so annoying. Plus I want to lose weight and I know I most likely can’t if I can’t stop the sugar.

    • Yeah it doesn’t work so easy with a lot of people, but don’t worry!! Just keep listening to your body and you’ll slowly see improvements. Losing weight is super frustrating when you have a time limit. Good luck Beck!

  4. Sugar has never really had a hold on me, but I see how this would help people. Great post, thanks a lot! I really enjoy your writing!

    • It not an easy thing to give up but a very healthy one! Since I gave up sugar I feel sooooo much better! Yea thanks for everything!!

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