Sugar Leash Series #2: Beginning to Break the Leash

This is part 2 of 3 of the Sugar Leash Series. Go here for #1, here for #3. Untitled

Awhile ago I wrote a popular post called, “Now I eat sugar whenever I want…and that’s my secret.”

It was about how I stopped wanting sugar all the time. I gave pointers… but I didn’t go into details about what actually changed in me. So frustrating, right?? It’s tough because I’m not 100% sure what actually changed. Plus, it was gradual.

All I know is that I did have a serious gradual turn around, and now I see sugar completely differently. Because of that, I feel free and in total control. It’s an incredible, liberating feeling. I eat sugar whenever I want. But now I just don’t want it or need it as much.

I like to say that I broke free from my ‘sugar leash,” or the leash that sugar had on me.

I’ve decided to break my thoughts into a few posts that will be called The Sugar Leash Series. Basically, it’s about how I discovered to eat intuitively. I know so many people have a real problem with this—so I really hope I can be of some help. Out of all the health topics out there, I am most passionate about this one. I want so badly to help people feel how I feel.

Keep in mind that your ‘sugar leash’ may be bread, cheese, pizza, cereal, or whatever. Just something you are addicted to.

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So what changed? Why don’t I want sugar all the time anymore?

I have reflected on all my “ah-ha!” moments with my sugar journey. I only found 3 major details.

1-What my public health professor told me

2-The image I created about sugar

3-I was finally sick of the stomach pooch

I will start with #1 as the first in the Sugar Leash Series. This affects me every single day.


I distinctly remember sitting in one of my public health classes (I was trying to decide between nursing and public health at the time). My professor walked in. He looked like he was in his upper 50’s. His physique was slim but strong. He looked strangely healthy. I was impressed because, no offense, usually old guys don’t look so great. This must have made him more credible in my eyes.

I forgot the subject of the class but somehow we got to dieting. My professor told us that he knew the secret to weight loss and maintenance. He said it was incredibly simple.

OK you ready?

The following sentences have been cemented in my head, along with the image of him saying it, for years. If this could impact you as deeply as it impacted me, you would be able to fix almost any food problems you have, on your own, with time.

He said,

“I eat when I am hungry. And I stop before I am full.”

That’s it!

That is IT!

He made it sound so obvious, like, “You’re a human. That’s what you were programmed to do in the first place. Why did you forget?”

I let those sentences roll around in my head, wondering if it could possibly be true. Was it that simple?

I’m sad to say but I didn’t put his advice into action right away. I just let it sit there with a yellow, “This may be important someday,” flag waving over it.

farewell cedar visit-tinaseanbentayricky 044

Tina and me back then, pinchable cheeks and all!

Fast forward 7 years later, and now I live every single day by that rule. I don’t live it perfectly, but you can say I honor it. I get it. I make 90% of my decisions based on that principle. I have maintained my same weight consistently for 4 years now on that principle. And it hasn’t been stressful.

I have almost forgotten about my old life of making a fuss over what I ate, or how much I weighed. Things just started working for me when I kinda relaxed and paid attention to my body’s cues.

So there you have it. That’s the beginning of my sugar leash breakage. I’ll be diving into the nitty gritty of intuitive eating next week. It will actually go hand in hand with the challenge coming up! I will announce it on Saturday morning, so heads up.

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Take care everyone, have a lovely day!

Go here for #1, here for #3 of the Sugar Leash Series.


OK let’s hear it–do you have a ‘sugar leash’? What is it?

Do you have any ‘aha’ moments in your life that really changed your health for the better?

9 thoughts on “Sugar Leash Series #2: Beginning to Break the Leash

  1. I definitely have a sugar and bread leash 🙂 I did a week-long sugar and bread detox back in June and loved the way I feel, but depriving myself of any one thing leads me to eat to much of it after the detox or challenge is over, so that doesn’t really work for me. I like the simple advice your professor shared, and I’m going to try to think of that more often when the good stuff is calling 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Looking forward to reading your other ideas. xo

    • You’re welcome Jes! Yeah if you can avoid ever saying NO to something, the better off you will be. I learned that the hard way–intense cravings after denying myself of something. Even if it was for one simple week. Hope it works well for ya!

    • Haha! Well I am proud of you for recognizing that! Just be aware of it and then you’ll come up with an amazing answer you can share with me!
      What amazed me was when I counted how many times I turned it on to check it. I was a little uncomfortable about the leash it had on me…so when I wanted to turn it on..I just waited instead.

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  3. I actually came to that same conclusion as your professor on my own freshman year in college. The times in my life when I’ve felt my best are when I followed the idea that I eat whenever I’m hungry and stop when I’m satisfied. It’s so refreshing to not worry about calories or forcing yourself to wait another two hours to eat again, and to not overeat too! It feels way better to eat small amounts throughout the day than to eat a few really big meals. I totally believe in this!

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