Snack, spin, dine! THE tip on eating out


You know how it’s healthy to aim for snacks or meals that are balanced in carbs and protein? Well..sometimes you get sick of the same snack right? Example, cheese stick and a fruit is a popular snack idea, or else almonds paired with a fruit. I am not the biggest fan of string cheese because you can taste how loaded it is with sodium. But I eat it.

I did like this break from string cheese-basically the same thing but with more flavor, and it tasted healthier–



I know, boring, colorless picture. But it’s good! And it’s fun to have sliced cheese once in awhile. Josh found it on sale and bought:

Gouda Cheese–amazing! Soft texture

Mozarella–way better in cube form!

Havarti–honestly..I forgot. Good feelings about it though

 Spinning class!

Was amazing as usual. Cindi worked us until every part of my legs hurt..and then tacked on 5 more minutes of it.

Pushing myself.

I have learned something super valuable from her class. I like pushing myself, but I don’t like pushing myself over extreme pain. Sounds normal right? I used to be all about that but something wore me out and I’ve taken it easy for a awhile since.  She had us going until we were all feeling the burn. Usually I stop soon after the burn. Not Cindi. She has us maintain that burn for minutes at a time. And what’s cool is, I do it! I didn’t realize that I could maintain the burn for so long and not collapse! One time Cindi had us put the bikes up to a very high gear (hill climbing). We had to stand up and push since the resistance was so strong. Wanna know how long we maintained that?! 15 minutes. That hurt.

Cindi is my hero though, I’ll have to get a picture of her sometime. She’s super buff—at age 52. So cool.


(Before I turn in to a waterfall of sweat)

The grand finale of today was finishing it off at Olive Garden with Josh! He won a gift certificate so it was extra awesome.


A little before we left, I was hungry and went for a snack. Josh said, “Don’t eat!! Save it for Olive Garden so you can eat more!!”

OK. So here’s where you gotta pay attention.

Have you ever taken that attitude? It’s Thanksgiving and you want to be starving so you can eat everything there is? Well…consider testing out a new approach if you are looking to be healthier.

I only eat out once a week. If you eat out more and want to lose weight, consider eating out less. Since I only eat out once a week, I don’t have many ‘rules’ about what to eat at a restaurant. I just listen to my body. Sometimes that means eat a salad and order dressing on the side. It also sometimes means eat whatever I want.


Here’s what IS important to me about restaurant eating, and something I obey EVERY time:

1. Never go to a restaurant hungry

That’s it!! Follow that rule and you will save yourself a lot of problems if you gain weight easily and are trying to maintain, or lose weight. I know it contradictory to what you’ve learned.

But this is why.

If you are hungry, you will:

1. Most likely binge on unhealthy, high calorie/fattening food (like bread sticks).

2. You will eat fast. That’s not good because a HUGE part of living healthy forever, is truly enjoying the flavor of your food! Chew slow! Discern what flavors you are tasting!! Make each bite last as long as you can.

3. You won’t have leftovers. That’s an easy way to add convenience to another day, and save money.

What’s the purpose of eating out anyway?

Most people enjoy eating out because of the great company they came with, the awesome new flavors, and the “specialness” of it.

If those are your reasons too, then why set yourself up to over eat? You might as well eat a little before you go so you don’t go crazy on the food when they first bring it out to you. The goal is to have control over yourself at all times.


Hope that helps!

Please write a comment about your strategies for restaurant eating—or do you have any? What has worked for you? Are you even worried about it?

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