Hey! I am Kirtley Freckleton,

and you BET I have red hair and freckles!

I was the first of the Freckleton’s to have red hair in fact. Why me?? Haha:) k_3_editB (2) I am from Utah and am a 27 year old Registered Nurse and Certified Health Coach (weight loss coach). I love helping people lose weight! I lost 25 lbs in 2010 and have kept it off since.  More than that, I love helping people find, maintain and enjoy an all-around healthy lifestyle.  This may sound feeble minded–but I think if everyone were to live the way I do, they would all automatically be incredibly happy and healthy.  That’s a good thing right?

To check out my nutrition counseling site, check out Welless.TheGistofFit.com. I help people with holistic eating (intuitive eating, emotional eating, whole foods) and weight loss.

If I were to summarize what I write about, it would go something like this:

How to eat wisely. How to lose weight. How to maintain a healthy weight. How to gain control.

Why is this site called The Gist of Fit?

I don’t like specific, hard fast fitness rules. I don’t like ‘the fuss’ of it all. However, I do like to listen to my body. If you are told the gist of something…it gives you room to explore it yourself, and apply it in the way the best fits for you. I also want my title to imply a relaxed atmosphere, where one does not have to be perfect in order to feel good. The only health rule I follow 100% is to live in moderation and balance. That’s easy, because it gives you a lot of wiggle room and freedom. I am all about freedom.

As for me

I’m into a bunch of things. Namely,

Running, soccer, biking, ultimate frisbee, tennis, cooking, horseback riding, mountain stuff, kayaking–you name it. Anything that makes me sweat (may I say glisten?).

I grew up playing competitive soccer, playing piano, running cross country and track, and competing with horses. I LOVE to travel and have been all over the world. My favorite trip was a 3 week summer tour of Europe in 2012. I went alone and only brought a little backpack. Mascara was the only ‘war paint’ that I brought.  You could say that I am totally hooked to traveling and exploring cultures.

I became a registered nurse in 2013. My favorite field of nursing is pediatrics, and my latest job has been at a great pediatric office. I’ve mainly done nursing, and then weight loss coaching on the side. I also certified in health coaching (for weight loss) in 2013.  I found my truest niche lies with nutrition and weight loss. One day I may get into pediatric diabetic education.

I got married to the amazing Josh Freckleton (aka J-Bug) in December 2012. One day I suspect he’s going to change the world in a very big way. Now you can say you knew about him first. His friends call him Megamind.

IMG_7174 doc (2) Fear: White water rafting. Don’t even want to talk about it.

People like to know about running accomplishments for whatever reason. Perhaps it’s to know if they can trust their fitness advice? Here it is:

  • Provo Canyon Marathon– 3:29
  • 1st place team Ragnar Relay (it helped that some of the runners were getting ready for the Olympics). I’m really proud of that one!
  • Utah Lake Sprint Triathlon– I forgot the time, but I placed in my age group.
  • St. George Half Marathon– 1:34
  • Texas Turkey Dash 10k: 46:21, and 2nd place in my age group
  • Fastest 5k: 19:54
  • 1st place Jiu-Jitsu competition. I beat a whopping 2 girls.

OK did I pass the trustworthy test? Hope the Jiu-Jitsu helped. I’m not the fastest out there, but I enjoy it. Except when I want to throw up after running a little too hard.

Now can I share my shallow part?

This is what I aim for in my physical fitness:

  • I like being toned. Just for the looks. Yep, I just said that. My favorite areas to have toned are my arms and abs. My legs just came already defined somehow–I think soccer has something to do with it. It’s nice to be strong–but it doesn’t come in handy all that often, does it?? But, when it does, I do feel happy with myself.
  • I like having a flat stomach. I feel a little shallow saying that, but it seems like a lot of people aim for that too. I went biking a few years ago and when I leaned over, my stomach got in the way and left a big wrinkle that conveniently acted as a sweat gutter. I tried to love and accept it for years. Then, well, I stopped faking it and kissed it goodbye. It’s never come back since. Ahhh.
  • I have a goal to always be in 5k running/cardio shape. Why? If a friend ever asks me to run with her I always want to be ready. Weird reason, but it works for me!
  • I like feeling gooood. I have a lot of energy. I hear that a lot from people, and I attribute it to my healthy lifestyle. I feel clean and fit. I like that.


My style of health:

The kicker.

I am healthy but not extreme-o. I hope I don’t come off that way. I think that makes me relate with most people. Balanced maybe? I don’t eliminate anything completely from my diet, but try to keep things balanced and moderate.

I am not a fan of details or rules. That’s probably why I never got into health blogs…it just seemed like everyone was making such a fuss about health! Do this and don’t do that, buy this and get a membership here…I liked the idea of trying to listen to my own body and going from there. I wanted to be stress free (or “fuss free”).

I don’t love to be putting up so many details about what I think makes you healthy, because it makes it look like I am all consumed with health. What I am consumed with is trying to find a way to explain it to others so that they can be free too.

Healthy habits just come naturally to me now. That’s what I want others to figure out for themselves. I just think that if you’re not happy living healthy, you’re doing something wrong. If you’re trying to change habits, it will be hard at first, of course. But you can always manipulate the way you think.  And then be happy.

My favorite health thing about me is: I am not addicted to anything.

Easy self-control. I don’t rely on will-power. Don’t need it. That’s the perfect balance I hope you will aim for it if not already achieved. I know what I want, and how I want my body to feel. I like that.



My intentions:

I want to teach people how to live healthy in a very down to earth way. How to be free.  My thoughts used to be consumed with weight. I looked back on my freshman journal and whew! Almost every entry was about my weight, and how I wanted to lose 15 lbs. Not good. Now I never think about it. Very good!

I just want my body to feel healthy. I have figured out how to do that, and I really really like that feeling. I wish I could give it to you in a big happy handful of something. It took me years of slow learning and applying random tips for me to overcome my own sugar addictions and over eating patterns. Took me a long time to quit telling myself No..and let go of my food and weight worry and just live.

In this blog I will talk about weight loss. I am a weight loss coach after all. I just want to be clear that I don’t think you have to be a certain weight in order to be healthy or beautiful.

I changed some habits...

I just know it is on a lot of people’s mind. And I used to be there.  And I was stuck. I offer weight loss coaching on this site.

I don’t know all the answers. I totally believe that some of the things I say or do now will be proved wrong one day. But that’s OK. I’m willing to experiment. And just so you know, I don’t like buying expensive foods… or spending a ton of money of groceries each month. Maybe when I’m older and have more money I will.

Another thing. The hype about cheating, and eating unhealthy, and the whole, “I was bad tonight because I ate a brownie.”  The guilt. The shame. The stress.

I don’t believe in that.

I don’t think you should feel shame or guilt about your food choices. ESPECIALLY if most of the time you are making or wanting to make good choices. Just stop making such a fuss about it!! If you really are worried about your habits, then do something about it.

I believe that being healthy means being what society calls unhealthy once in awhile. It’s about balance and listening to your body.

So there! Now you know my style of health compared to more extreme-o’s out there. Oh and for the record, I do respect the more extreme people out there. It’s just not my personal style…yet?

I love my life, I love my body, and I love helping people find their happy balance. Hope I can do that for you!

Thanks for reading! Glad you’re here and hope you stick around!


I may be a registered nurse, but I am not taking care you of you personally and therefore do not know your special needs and circumstances. Use your best judgement on advice that I give and do not use it as a substitute for your primary care provider. Do not go against what your PCP has said either.

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  1. So excited about your blog! I’ve wanted to do what you are doing and live the way you are living for a while now. I have made some awesome progress since college, overcoming an eating disorder, lost 15lb, etc. But I still stress eat and don’t nourish my body enough. I love the balance and ease your methodology portray! Totally a believer. To health, freedom and vitality!

  2. Hi! Just found your blog, and really love your About Me page. It’s not only happy, but honest, which I think is super important! Personally, I think it’s totally okay to just want to be toned, have a flat stomach, and to enjoy the superficial aspects of being fit and healthy. But most of all, I think that feeling good about yourself is the best part when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for sharing!
    Nicole @ Squash on Squash recently posted…Baltimore BoundMy Profile

    • Hey thanks so much for saying so Nicole, you just made my day! I’m glad you agree haha and are ok with my superficiality. And yes, we both totally see the value in just plain ‘ol feeling good:)

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  5. 1. your name is incredible
    2. so glad I found your blog, your personality and attitude towards health are great
    3. aint nuthin wrong with wanting to kiss that red crease in your belly filled with sweat when you bend over g’bye… I’m on that journey now!!

  6. I don’t know if I’m off topic here but I have the opposite problem – I need to gain weight! Specifically about 20 pounds! I would welcome any tips.

Serious! I would love to hear what you think about that!

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