Now, I eat sugar whenever I want…and that’s my secret

This is part 1 of 3 of the Sugar Leash Series.

Hey guys!!!

Alight! I bet you clicked on this post because there was a tiny glimmer of hope that you CAN eat as much sugar as you want  and STILL lose weight!

Haha, that’s what I would have hoped for a few years ago!!

So I talk to a LOT of my clients who tell me they want to lose weight, but they just can’t give up sugar. Or cheese. That’s a big one for some reason… sugar Who ever said  you need to give up sugar to be healthy(or cheese)?!  Sugar is not bad. Too much of it is. Too much of anything is bad. I am not writing this to help people stop eating sugar. That’s not my way of living. I am writing this to help people who feel like they are out of control–and want control–regain it.

I eat sugar whenever I want.  So why am I still slim, vibrant, effervescent and (I’m just kidding!)?

It’s not just genetics, trust me. This picture proves it. This is when I was not in control. I’m not obese or even overweight. But you’ll see a difference in a later picture. I know that I didn’t feel so great back then.

 So what’s the secret??

  snow n old 110 - Copy

The big bad secret is….(drum roll please)

I just don’t want sugar all the time anymore.

That’s it (yeah right)!

I am in control of sugar now.


Sugar is NOT in control of me anymore.

That doesn’t mean I don’t crave sugar once in awhile. I think that’s fine. But in the first picture, I ate sugar whenever I wanted…and the problem was, I always wanted it. In any amount. And I couldn’t resist….and that was really, really frustrating.

If we were in the same room together, I was physically, mentally, chemically, and emotionally drawn to it.  I felt out of control, and I hated that. I watched myself gain weight and could feel myself plump out.

I want to emphasize this– In the first picture I am not fat. That’s a healthy, happy weight for many people. And that’s great!  I personally didn’t feel healthy at that weight because I had been healthier before and knew that it felt better for me. I liked bending over and not having a pooch in the way. At the same time, I’m also not saying slim is beautiful.

What’s beautiful is you feeling healthy, whatever weight that is.

It’s you finding your own balance and feeling in control–stress free.

I have tried to explain to people how to get to the point where you become the one in charge (not wanting sugar all the time anymore because you are addicted). Where you don’t have to eat it whenever it is offered to you, or whenever you are alone at home in a dark room. It is SO hard to explain how to overcome the pull and find the balance. This is me giving my best shot.


Why do I not want sugar all the time anymore?

Or even better, how do I like it, and eat it, while keeping my body balanced, happy, and healthy?

1. Tune into your body

You can ‘read’ what your body needs. Seriously! Sounds crazy, but that’s how I live. I believe my body (once it’s free from addictions which would deceive it) can sense which nutrients I need or can have.  I really do feel like I need sugar sometimes, and I think that’s cool. It will be tough at first to decipher if your body really needs sugar, or just wants it. Practice makes perfect. Check out a previous post, Do you need to eat or do you just want to eat for tips about that!

3. Learn how to compensate

This is tricky to explain. I think I am good at knowing how to compensate because I am aware of how certain foods will affect my body. I have taken enough nutrition classes to know what nutrients do what in my body, and how fast they get stored.  With that knowledge, I know when I need to compensate.

Compensate means making up for my ‘over indulgences,’ which I don’t regret, and you should not either. Eating unhealthy once in awhile is good for you in my book.

So here’s an example of compensating: If I eat a hamburger and fries (and let’s face it, I’ll have to order a Frosty too), I will compensate by eating clean the rest of the day–and often the next day or two. It’s something your body will be able to feel. Your body will want to return to the clean feeling it once had–kinda like the principle of homeostasis. Start to be aware of how you feel inside, and you’ll see what I mean.

4. Ask yourself if you are just thirsty

I can’t even tell you how many times I have reached my hand into a bag of chocolate chips and stopped and asked myself, “Am I actually thirsty??” And the answer was YES. After I drank water, the desire to eat chocolate was gone. Chocolate is not bad. But if my body doesn’t really need it, then it won’t make my body feel very good after. I like to imagine how my body WILL feel after I eat something…futuristic thinking. Helps me a lot!

5. Never say no

Never strictly restrict yourself from sugar. Look at kids. Whenever their parents tell them not to do something, what happens? They want to do it even more!! Same with sugar. I like the idea of saying, “Maybe later,” instead of, “No, I can’t have sugar.” It’s more positive, and you don’t panic that you won’t get that big amazing gooey brownie. You’re still not eating sugar, but you’re not suffering the addictive impulse that comes from self-denial.

It’s such a mental game.

I would also suggest to never tell anyone you CAN’T have that dessert. Instead, put the accountability on yourself. It’s YOUR choice. No one is forcing you to avoid sugar. When you think to yourself, “I choose not to have that brownie,” you will feel incredibly empowered and free. When it’s your own choice, your body and your mind will be eager to ‘obey’ and ‘please’ you by accepting your decision calmly and cooperatively. You won’t feel the familiar scream inside your body when it’s truly your desire and choice.

6. Savor the flavor baby!

They say that the first 3 bites are the most flavorful and enjoyable. Sometimes that’s really all you need. If you really want something unhealthy, and you know you don’t need it, then eat it slowly and ENJOY the flavor. Just take 3 small bites for the flavor sake. Consider all the different ingredients you can taste. Enjoy it to the extreme.

If you find that you can’t stop once you start….then maybe this tip is not for you.

7. Be realistic

Consider appropriate portion sizes for desserts. Know how much makes you personally feel gross, and stop before that! Figure out what makes you gain weight, and choose what/how much you eat accordingly. I went to El Salvador for 6 weeks and ate from the bakery every day. I came back 15 lbs heavier. I knew what my problem was:)

It’s all about figuring out your own tricks. It’s trial and error. Experiment with different methods until you see something working for you. Don’t give up! Sometimes you just need to wait for the right reason to lay off the sugar. Be patient, and love yourself.

I changed some habits...

So that’s my before and after.

The words “In control and stress-free,” come to my mind when I think back on the change that took place between those two pictures. It’s not about the looks. It’s about finding your own healthy state, so that you don’t feel addicted to any one item anymore. You know you get there when you aren’t worried about how you eat or how you look anymore. You naturally want healthy foods, and a healthy lifestyle. And you just do it. Because it feels good. And you are happy.

My secret for losing weight and keeping it off is that I figured out how to break my own addiction to sugar. It’s tough to do. It doesn’t happen over night. Now I know what a balanced body feels like, and I nourish that feeling. So so hard to explain, but I’ll keep trying.

Hope this made some sort of sense. I’m excited to get into more details about it all.

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Check out my wellness coaching site to learn more about overcoming sugar addiction.

Part 2 of the Sugar Leash Series, Beginning to Break the Leash



What is your own experiences with sugar, or your own ‘addiction’?

Maybe you relate to feeling like you are or were controlled by sugar?

What methods worked for you??

17 thoughts on “Now, I eat sugar whenever I want…and that’s my secret

  1. I actually wrote a similar article on this website: I’ve gone through the same thing!! I plan to write a follow-up article because I have sure learned a lot over the past few years, and my “addiction” to sugar is gone. It’s a pretty incredible feeling.

    For me it wasn’t until after lots of obsessing and unhealthy self-criticism that I finally was able to just take control and not even worry anymore! I’m definitely not perfect, but I eat mostly a plant-based diet and I feel great!! And heck, I even ate a reese’s peanut butter cup and milky way before breakfast this morning 🙂

    This article is great, and inspirational! Thanks for sharing!


    • Becca- THANKS for sharing that! I’m going to read your post right after this. I am so glad that you have gone through what I have. I don’t know why but it’s really tough to explain how to make the sugar addiction go away, but I’m glad that you get it. You’re right, it’s a totally incredible, liberating feeling.

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  5. I feel so out of control and shameful/guilty when I eat. I appreciate your words and think it will help me on my journey to breaking my addiction. I particularly love that you suggest saying “maybe later” instead of no.



  6. I think it’s also important to note that sometimes an “addiction” to sugar could be a candida infection, or some other type of parasite infection. I agree that the words we tell ourselves have so much power…..power to lift up and power to destroy. It’s important to keep our thoughts loving towards ourselves, because the negative emotions, thoughts, lend itself to creating a toxic environment within us. Then we stuff ourselves with that which just confirms our hateful thoughts towards ourselves. So when we look at our selves positively and lovingly we want to treat our bodies well. I truly have a food sensitivity to cane sugar, confirmed by a blood test. I also have a gut infection which feeds on sugar……so even when I’m eating healthy, the gut infection is causing cravings that are hard to control. However, I stay away from sugar at all costs, especially as I’m on this protocol trying to heal my gut.

    I guess my point is, a person needs to rule out parasite or yeast infections as possibly being the source of their sugar cravings. It’s not always emotional……although the way the gut and the brain interact can definitely effect your emotions and your behavior.

    Thank you for your post. It was a good read 🙂

    • I totally agree, any progress without loving appreciation for your self will prove temporary. On the yeast infection topic; my Dad was the biggest sugar addict I’ve ever met, and was beginning to see the long term effects, but could not get it under control. It was a coincidence that finally changed it. His chiropractor suggested he take copious amounts of turmeric instead of antibiotics (again). He took 2 tablespoons three times a day for two weeks – he lost 60 pounds, didn’t crave sugar any more, skin problems cleared up, etc. In hindsight and research, he realized that he had had a long term full body yeast infection. All that to say, YES, check if you have an infection. It can feel like the new normal when lots of things are going wrong. And, Turmeric! It works.

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  10. How severe was your sugar elimination? Did you not eat sugar at all. Meaning, breads etc. Or did you just eliminate sodas, refined sugars, etc. How long did it take you to begin losing weight?

    I haven’t gone uber nazi on sugar. I am not drinking sodas and eating candy and obviously sugared stuff. I am also trying to eat cleaner and using my Nutri Ninja for fruit and veggie smoothies every breakfast. This has been going on for about 1.5 weeks and no budge on the scale. I have been sick and plan on hitting the gym regularly this weekend. Thanks in advance for the advice.

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  12. I appreciate you writing this post! I was wondering, is your weight loss coaching style a “non-dieting” approach? Like we can eat anything in moderation? If so, I am hearing more about this because I want to be a weight loss coach who helps others in this way. Please contact me!

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