My crazy superstition to bread, and my weight loss

I think I acquired some superstition while in the Philippines, serving my mission. It has to do with bread. I feel dumb saying this, but I here I am owning it: I believe that if I eat too much bread, I will gain weight and regain my stomach pooch that I worked so long to destroy.

So there.

Why do I feel dumb? Because bread isn’t bad, and there is a lot more to weight gain than bread.


So here’s where my superstition came from.

Oh and by the way, I’m going to throw in a bunch of my Philippines pictures just for fun. I never showed these to people because I was so embarrassed by how I looked…sweaty, chubby, ugly hair, ugly clothes. But it’s 5 years ago now. Who cares?? Still, big step here!

I started out at my heaviest when I arrived in the Philippines. Then slowly I lost a bunch of weight, and I have tried to figure out how. As far as I know, it was portion control (especially with rice), healthy vegetable snacks, and the fact that Filipinos don’t eat very much bread (or dairy).

I was a bread addict before my mission. I think that was the biggest  change in my diet. They sell bread on the streets but only as a treat. They came in bright colors. I’m so glad they don’t do that here. I would be a goner.


A little pudgy faced here. This was on my -do not show- list.

I remember being asked all the time about what Americans ate. They thought that all we ate was bread and spaghetti. It was pretty funny.

I’d tell them we ate more than that…like…um…well, good point. Hamburgers? I explained how we ate sandwiches for lunch. They couldn’t believe it. How could anyone feel satisfied with a meal if it had no rice?!

I did get to the point where I also thought it was very strange that Americans ate sandwiches for lunch…how could that sound good to anyone?

the pines 1066

Well, I got used to not eating bread all the time, so when I got back from my mission, bread just seemed strange..and so foreign.When I got back, I stuck to rice. No bread. Bread was strange and I had a subconscious superstition that told me I would gain weight if I ate bread.

Through college (nursing school) I stuck to alternatives to bread. Having a sandwich for lunch seemed like a cheap cop out, and way too American(as if it were a bad thing?).  It’s like I wanted to prove to myself that I could eat more than bread.


This is why they called me “Mountain”

I’ve been married, 1.5 years, I have never ever bought a loaf of bread. We eat awesome alternatives. A lot of Asian type meals. We both served missions in Asian countries so it suits us well. Once in awhile we will make bread. Josh experiments with sourdough. I love that. We have pizza nights a few times a month, and that’s our bread fill.

kirtley number two

Never got over how pretty it was

Ooo I just remembered another huge turn off to bread that really cemented my decision to not buy bread.

At the office I was working at as a nurse, we had a kitchen full of snacks. We bought bread, PB and jelly once for emergencies. We had that bread in the cupboard for at least 3 months. One day I was super super hungry and grabbed the loaf of bread. It was 3/4 gone. I looked at it and realized it was the same bread we bought 3 months ago. Opened…and still perfectly fine. No mold.

That grossed me out. That makes you wonder how much of that loaf is bread, and how much is chemical. I’m not that picky, but I’m not cool with that. I’ll eat it if offered, but I won’t buy that. There are better ways to do bread. Crazy, right?

That really does show how companies mess with the nutrition content in order to be able to mass produce it and make it last long. Just be aware of that:) Homemade is always the best to go!! The quicker it molds, the better!


Anyway, while here in Nebraska I’ve been wanting to explore and experiment with cooking and different diets. I do want to conquer my fear of making bread—only because I have no confidence that I can make good bread successfully! I’m scared of yeast! It seems so delicate, and that somehow I’ll mess it up. But I have bought it and am ready to experiment over the next while. I have some awesome recipes from my mom, Josh’s mom, and

Wish me luck!

As a sum up–bread is great, just eat it in moderation. Most people can’t do that. I can’t—so I make sure it’s not in my presence all the time.

If you are going to buy bread, always aim for the whole grains or the sprouted grains. If you are wanting to lose weight, I wouldn’t eat bread for a bit. If you do, keep it minimal. If the idea of letting go of bread for awhile totally scares you—you may have a problem that you should face pretty soon. Can you say addiction? The sooner you get over that, the sooner you have total control over yourself. That’s an amazing feeling! Don’t be dependent on any one food.

I love what Josh said to me once. He said, “Eating bread is like eating a slice of cotton candy. It’s pure sugar.” That gave me an awesome image that helped me avoid it once in awhile.

Take care!


This volcano actually errupted while I was there–we got evacuated!



Just had to show this one off. Super cute.


the pines 1398

You can tell why I love this one.



What are your thoughts about bread? 

Do you have any ‘superstitions’ about a certain food like I do?


8 thoughts on “My crazy superstition to bread, and my weight loss

  1. Okay, this is interesting to me because I feel the same way about rice…especially white rice. I’ve never had a huge issue with any one thing, so bread was never a big deal to me – but in the Philippines I feel like I became too used to rice and it’s easy to make dishes with rice here at home too but i’m afraid of eating too much of it. I was always told it was that white rice that went straight to the gut 🙂 Haha, I think a key thing here really is to practice a diet of moderation and variation…and avoid most white things except as a rare treat – because both are filled with tons of sugar.

    • Yeah so what I did was made sure I was very controlled with rice portions–I didn’t want a rice belly haha. I think it’s all about portion control and you’re fine, like you said. What I’ve enjoyed doing lately is making cauliflower rice instead of using white rice. Love it! I think you would too! Recipe is on the blog. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Kirlty, I think you know how I feel about bread! It’s my vice. I grew up with everything homemade, but the bread was always made with white flour. And oh it really is like candy. Over the past year or so we’ve made the switch to whole grain, and if I make bread, or muffins, it’s always with freshly ground wheat flour.

    That said, I still buy a loaf or two. PB and Honey sandwiches are a staple for my kids! But the bread I buy has only 5 ingredients, and spoils fast, so I feel good about that.

    I’m with Britney. It’s all about balance. I had to look myself in the mirror and admit how addicted I was (maybe still am?) to bread. My challenge has been portion control, and finding other alternatives. We’ve cut WAY back on bread, and I feel much more in control!

    • Erin! Thanks for your comment!
      I think buying bread that spoils is great. I’ve never had kids, but it seems like a life saver staple to use. Quick and easy ya know?
      Awesome job on cutting back–that made all the difference for me! I made rolls the other day and without thinking I ate 7. Yes 7. I know I’m a weakling when it comes to homemade bread haha so I just try not to have it close to me. You’re awesome Erin!

  3. I gained a lot of weight eating bread on my mission. Unlike those in the Philippines, Uruguayans eat lots of bread. And it showed.

  4. Personally, I think whole grain bread is a good part of a healthy meal at least once in a while. Maybe often even. “Wheat for man” and all that… And I mean bread with no sugar or honey in the recipe. Along with lots of vegetables, a little bread can give just the right amount of satisfaction for some meals to be complete. I wonder if a lot of bead, even home made, is so addicting because of the added sweeteners. I don’t understand why it should be worse than cracked wheat cereal. It’s the same stuff, except for the yeast. Maybe since the grinding process makes more of the calories absorbable. Maybe it’s just the density of calories and how quickly we can down it 🙂 But hey, whole wheat is far from cotton candy. Full of nutrients and phytochemicals. Still calorie dense though.

    I’m interested in trying out some yeastless breads. What if the only ingredient in our bread were whole grains? There’s a novel idea 🙂 Not even yeast. Sourdough… sounds like something worth trying.

    • Bread wo the sugar is a great idea. Bread is ‘worse’ than cracked wheat cereal because there is less fiber in bread to slow the absorption of sugar down. So your blood sugar levels will spike a lot higher/quicker than with the high fiber stuff. Spiked sugar equals spiked insulin equals storing of fat.
      Yeah I was kidding about the cotton candy–just trying to give the point that bread will spike your blood sugars (especially white wonder bread). The wholer the better.
      I’ll send you a yeast less bread that will knock your socks off. It has a lot of seeds in it. Sourdough–does not spike your sugars as much, so you may enjoy that too 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

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