Living the Law of Abundance for Healthy Weight Loss

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I’m really excited for this post because I teach it to my clients all the time, plus it changed everything for me!

What do you think of when you hear the word, “deprivation”? What about the word, “abundance”? Which world would you rather live in??

Which world are you living in NOW?

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Many people stuck in the “diet trap” live by the law of deprivation. Frequent thoughts that pass through their head are:

“I can’t have that”

“I’m not allowed to have that”

“I’m not supposed to”

“That’s bad”

“I’m bad” or “that’s bad”

“I’m not allowed” or “that’s not allowed”

“I shouldn’t eat that”

See how negative that is? All you hear is can’t, shouldn’t, no, bad…

How successful do you think you will be in changing your health habits long term, if you live that way? And if you lose weight that way?

Do you even WANT to live like that? If you lose weight in such a negative way, I hope you don’t keep your weight off long term through that same negativity.

That would drive anyone CRAZY!!

Health is supposed to be ENJOYABLE!! It’s supposed to bring you LIFE, not RESTRICTION!

So evaluate yourself now.

When was the last time you said you can’t, you shouldn’t, or that you were being bad?  Do you think you might be dipping into the law of deprivation a little? I encourage you to take a peak at your potential. Step a little outside your comfort zone and let go of your fears, so you can open the doors of abundance.

The Law of Abundance

The law of abundance means that there is an unlimited amount of resources for you, and always will be. It means that you can get whatever you want or need! It means that you will be OK!! That you are safe and protected.

It’s saying, “I can have whatever I want, whenever I want, and that’s always the case!”

If you TRULY believed that, would your world change? It did for me! It helped me to relax, and enjoy food again! So many people I consult with for health coaching say they could never lose weight because they love food too much. What they don’t know is that when they get healthier, they will enjoy and savor food EVEN MORE!

It’s one of those things that you might not believe until you experience it.


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I remember going to a party and my favorite lemon bars were there! I LOVE lemon bars. My old self would have snatched one, probably two up, without even thinking if I was even hungry, if I even wanted sugar or not, or if I was maybe just thirsty right then.

I had a thought run through my mind that changed everything for me. I thought, “I have lived 25 years having lemon bars whenever I wanted. There will be opportunities to have lemon bars. I could go to the store at any time and buy one–they’re all within 5 minutes of me. I will have many opportunities to have some in the future….so perhaps I’ll be OK if I don’t have one right now.” (Read about the fallacies we tell ourselves).



And everything calmed down in my body. And I was able to stop thinking about it immediately (without forcing myself to), and enjoy the healthy food and water, and have uplifting conversation with my friends. I wasn’t FIXATED on the food anymore!!! It felt SO good to be free from the pull of sugar!

That awful pull of sugar…..

That happens when you live the law of deprivation. My mind just seems to buzz when I say those words, and hones in on what I am saying I can’t have. I will fixate on how I can’t have that item, and even during conversation I will have a battle going on in my mind, about if I should go against what I said or not. It’s distracting!

There’s no peace! It’s just no fun when you’re battling all the time, and trying to use your will power to win. Will power doesn’t work…especially towards the end of a long day. It gets tired.

The law of abundance releases you from will power.

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You DO NOT have to use will power, when you’re living in abundance. There are no battles inside! It’s amazing!

That’s a great way to know if you have had that mind frame reset–when you realize you are not using will power anymore, and that you’re content and peaceful inside when it comes to making healthy choices. Temptation isn’t a thing anymore, you don’t even experience it. You just live happy, and free of the fear of loss.

You’re not afraid you won’t get a chance to eat “it” again. You’re  not afraid you’ll missing out, or missing the opportunity. You live the law of abundance!

Does that make sense?!! Maybe this will just be the seed to start get you thinking that way. It takes practice!!  I challenge you to challenge your thoughts! Next time you realize your thought patterns are following the law of deprivation, ask yourself  “WHY?” And figure out how to live the law of abundance. There’s not messing up my friends, there’s just experimenting and evaluating.

You’re amazing! Shine bright today, make someone smile!! Life is WONDERFUL!

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Here is a cool article the explores the law of abundance in other forms than health. When you understand it better, you can apply it to health easier.

They would say that you can’t get health, it’s the other way around. Health is all around you and constantly striving to get YOU! Just let it!

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