January “New You” Health Challenge! It’s time to do something!!

Hey there friends!

I added more pics than usual for this post because I was having fun:) Are you excited for 2016?? I am!

Now is the time of year where we all commit to getting healthier!


Just a quick question–your goals for 2015… did you they happen??


Maybe some can relate;)

I just want to give you HOPE that YOU CAN HIT YOUR GOALS THIS NEW YEAR!! Don’t give up just because it hasn’t happened. Now is your time!


We are starting a 6 week health challenge on January 18th!

If you really want to take control of your life, this is for you! My clients always do so well!

Ex: Elise lost 10 lbs, Hailey lost 12 lbs, Lisa lost 10 lbs, Kim lost 20 lbs, Nicole lose 6 lbs…all in 4 weeks of our last health challenge. It’s FUN!


Here are the details:

Starts January 18th, til February 28th!

  • The buy in is $20. It all goes to prizes!
  • Starts Monday January 18th.
  • You get points for the healthy things you do every day(sleep, eating well, drinking 80 oz of water, having quiet time, interacting with the team).
  • You can choose to maintain your weight, or lose weight (6% or more).
  • If you reach your goal & get 65% of your daily accountability points (listed above), you WIN ALL YOUR MONEY BACK, plus all winners get to split the winner’s pool!
  • Anyone can play using any health program or method they want.
  • It’s just an easy way to have a ton of fun and get healthy!


 Here’s are a few of my gorgeous teammates and their progress. It’s amazing what a few lbs can do for you!
And our super model. Hillary is either intimidating or inspiring haha 🙂
You wanna try it out with me? Hope so!

Click HERE to join! 

We have a FREE APP too!

I would LOVE to meet all who join! All are welcome!! Can’t wait to get started!

If you’ve been wanting to get healthy for awhile, now is the time to do something about it!

dontquittumblr_n2if2omcnT1sl6xuto1_500 Have a happy New Years everyone!!

The future is BRIGHT!!! Make it an amazing year!!


If you’d like personal coaching to meet your goals, shoot me an email! The first week of the New Year I will be offering a special discount for those wanting to start!

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