If you don’t feel passionate every day…you should read this

Wow! I took a minute to count how many books I read/listened to last year. I was amazed! Ever since I found my purpose I’ve gone through about 9 times more material for growth and I plan to double that this year.
We live in such a beautiful world. We have so much potential. So much power.

There’s so much out there for each and every one of us.

Ask yourself if you are 100% fulfilled right now. If you’re not, know that it doesn’t have to stay like that. There IS a way, and there is a way for YOU! Just get over your fears and excuses, stop blaming or being the victim. Stop it!

Take control of your life.

Take time to even think about what you DO want. Do you know that most people don’t even do that?? Do you know exactly what you want? Are you working hard at a goal right now that you’re passionate about??

Most people just go through the motions they were taught to do. They do what their moms did, what their friends do. What society says is normal.

And when they look back over their life, they’re satisfied, but lack the passion in their heart that brings so much joy.

Find your abundance! Find your freedom, find your fulfillement. Be joyful every day and know what it’s like to have fire in your heart.

My fire in my heart is health coaching. It’s unleashing people’s POWER! It’s helping them find freedom and abundance. It’s watching them transform.

I can’t think of a more fulfilling calling than that. If you think you could find your fulfillment in that, or just want to see what it would look like in your life, then shoot me an email. I’m passionate about sharing what brings me so much joy. Don’t you dare think you’re not important enough to take my time. Everyone is. I’d love to connect.

Make today amazing. Find your fire, and feel it every day.

xox Kirtley

5 thoughts on “If you don’t feel passionate every day…you should read this

  1. MARCH 10, 2016 AT 6:55 PM
    I just stumbled upon this post and can’t believe I found it. I have been thinking of health coaching since getting myself healthy and losing weight. I brought down a high a1c and am quite proud of my achievement. I am a nurse and have people coming to me all the time with questions and admiring the work I’ve done to improve myself. There’s so much misinformation and lack of information out there and I want to change that. I want to help other 40ish year old woman like myself. I would love to touch base with you if you are still following these comments. You’re information was so helpful, so thank you. Kathleen Floor (originally left on a 2014 post)
    Kathleen recently posted…Why I chose to become a health coachMy Profile

  2. Hi I just sent you an email, I am a registered nurse interested in health coaching as well. Thank you So Much ?.

Serious! I would love to hear what you think about that!

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