I want to want McDonald’s

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Hope you’re having an awesome day! Today’s been really busy with my nutrition counseling clients!

I have a McDonald’s story to tell you…that ideally will help you understand how to listen to your body. Here we go.

A couple from our sales team pranced into a group meeting the other day with a bag of McDonald’s goods.

I love McDonald’s.

I even applied to work at McDonald’s the beginning of this summer. So that I could see for myself what really happens in that land of the golden arches…


Ya know what happened? They rejected me (story below). I think they knew what was really going on.

Anyway, I wandered over to have a look at my friend’s fries and juicy hamburger.

Then something weird happened.

I wanted to eat a fry, but I also didn’t want to. I realized I wasn’t in the mood. I was so ‘not in the mood’ that even thinking about eating a fry (yes, I paused to think–big trick there) made my stomach feel gross and blah and greasy…but at the same time, it looked so good!

I wanted to want to eat it.


I wanted to want to eat it.

And that is intuitive eating.

I have come to recognize the cues of my body so well, that I easily respond to the real feeling of my body. If you noticed, I did not act according to my eyes. If it were up to my eyes, and my happy memories of McDonalds, then I would have eaten it immediately, without thinking (big problem).

Instead, I listened to the cues of my body. My internal ‘feelers’ explored my stomach and recognized the negative reaction to the idea of a fry. My body knew that it was not ready to handle the grease.

Oh and PS-I eat McDonald’s when I feel like it. That’s the trick. Learn to feel what your body needs. Your body knows. 20140613_195450

So this is what I think was happening– I recently ate out at Buffalo Wild Wings. Big grease joint. I am guessing my body hadn’t yet ‘cleansed’ itself from that night…so it knew that I literally did not need the ingredients of a fry at that time.

Test it out, you’ll see what I mean. Remember the phrase, “I want to want that.” Sometimes your eyes will want something that your body won’t–and it’s worth pausing to figure out which is which. If someone offers you junk food, think before you accept it. It’s easy to say, “No thanks, I’m not in the mood right now.”

Good luck on the WEEKLY HEALTH CHALLENGE–intuitive eating! Knock it dead this week!

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McDonald’s story:

I’ve always wanted to work at McDonald’s just to know what it’s REALLY like in there. I was told that once you worked in McDonald’s, you would never eat their food again.

When I moved out to Nebraska at the start of this summer, I had lots of time to do whatever I wanted. I thought it would be a perfect chance to experiment with McDonald’s. So I applied. And when they found out I couldn’t stay longer than 3 months, they said to go away. I was crushed. Bucket list opportunity smashed. I asked if I could shadow for a day. No. I asked Wendy’s. No. Bummer dude. I guess I will always wonder…

Take care and have a great day! Remember to consider what you really want!

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Have you ever ‘wanted to want’ to eat something?

Do you pay attention to how you feel after eating?

6 thoughts on “I want to want McDonald’s

  1. This is great! I really need to do this more. Last night we were out running errands and drove by a chili’s and since it was late and we hadn’t had dinner it looked good. But after we got home I felt so blah. Thank you for the reminder to think before eating

  2. I know exactly what you mean! Sometimes I will be offered with an opportunity to eat something that I love and can’t get all the time, but for whatever reason I just don’t want it at that moment. When I don’t think before eating I usually end up with a stomach ache later:)

  3. You’ve put this really well! That is exactly what is going on with me when I mindlessly overeat (overate…I’m being very healthy lately:)). Half the time, I know I don’t really want it, I just think I do or should. Crazy addictive processed food!!!

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