I can’t lose weight because I’m addicted to sugar

Hey Super Stars!

I have an exciting announcement! We are going LIVE tonight to teach you about sugar addiction! First time ever! I’ll explain–>

Last year I partnered up with a fellow health coach named Renny Grames! We are both recovered sugar addicts and have a passion for helping people find their freedom from sugar–and food.

The stories are quite fascinating!

After MONTHS of writing, filming, editing, brainstorming, etc, we are finally DONE and ready to show you what we discovered!

We are doing a free live webinar tonight at 7 pm MST (9 EST, 8 CST, 6 PST) to tell you key points of how to overcome sugar addiction in a holisitc, deep way.

Most people focus on 30 day detox diets but they don’t work long term. We have discovered key principles to help you connect your mind and body connect so you can READ your body cues and respond to them!

You learn how to trust yourself, identify triggers when they come and tease apart emotional cravings vs physiological cravings. You’ll learn if your personality is an abstainer or a moderator–Renny and I are different so we have a unique perspective!

Here’s an interview I did with a gal who has been using our 3 Month Sugar Leash Home Course and is almost graduated!

Join us for our live webinar and learn more–just register here! We’d love to have you with us!

Please don’t let sugar hold you back from hitting your goals and feeling free!



Meanwhile have a GREAT day!! Do a good deed today!

xo Kirtley Freckleton


Free webinar registration link HERE! See you tonight!

Serious! I would love to hear what you think about that!

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