How your kids will WANT to get rid of their Halloween candy…and a few tips for YOU!

Hey Super Stars!

I am BACK! At long last! I decided that I don’t love to write, but I do like doing videos! I am making plans to be here more often to see how it goes. We shall see!

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Are you excited for Halloween??

Ya know, it used to be my favorite holiday but something switched…it just kinda grosses me out now! Blood and guts and gore…what are we doing? Putting limbs in our front yard. When you stop to think about it…it’s kinda weird ya know?! Haha people are so funny.

Ok let’s get to our….


In summary:

-DECIDE what you want to do. Are you going to eat all of everything? Or be moderate?

-Eat healthy before you are around the junk food

-Have healthy snack options around, like homemade popcorn!

-Don’t leave candy around the house after halloween! Get rid of it! Give it to your neighbors haha.

-If you have kids, try the Great Pumpkin idea! How fun is that?!

-If you are buying candy…get the stuff you don’t like. Keep what you do like out of sight and in a place that is annoying to try to reach

And PS, isn’t that costume so cute?!! We saw a mario costume too which would have been hilarious. It was a little too big though.

Tell me what your ideas are for a health halloween! I’d love to hear them!

As far as an update. Things are GREAT! My health coaching business is fantastic! I am LOVING every second of it. I have learned a lot lately from personal development programs I do and currently am really motivated to master time management! We only have so many years to live…so I figure, why not master being human as soon as I can to make the rest of my life easier.

I don’t need to be late to appointments for the rest of my life. I don’t need to let people down as often as I do. I don’t need to waste time as much as I do. I don’t need to be a procrastinator anymore…

It’s EMPOWERING! Choose a habit that is holding you back and decide to change it! I think I will make a post about that how about!

Thanks for being here, you guys are wonderful!

Let’s go out and stop worrying about ourselves so much and make SOMEONE ELSE HAPPY!! A simple smile. A compliment. It works my friends.

If you need with anything, let me know too! I have slots available to help ya with weight loss. Just text me at my google number to set up a free consult–256-four six seven-7311

See ya! xoxox


Serious! I would love to hear what you think about that!

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