How to lose 30 lbs of baby weight

Baby weight.

Not a happy term for a lot of you amazing moms out there.

A lot of people say it takes 9 months to gain the weight, so it should take 9 months to get it off.

That wait…can be very frustrating, and even then, sometimes it just doesn’t come off, no matter what you seem to do.

I’m not cool with that.

And neither was Jess.

I want to share an AMAZING client story with you in hopes of giving hope to those who may wonder if their baby weight will EVER come off.

Jessica is a NEW MOM who wanted to drop 30 lbs of baby weight. Not easy as most of you know.

She dropped it in 3 months. Cowabunga baby!!
How I lost 30 lbs of baby weight in 3 months!

Here’s the story she shared about her health journey:

“I’ve always been relatively fit, or at least looked like it because I’m 5’9″ and there’s a lot of space for fat to spread out.

Over my years of college, I slowly but surely gained a little at a time. While I was preggo, as many people do, I used it as an excuse to eat anything I wanted and as much as I wanted. Needless to say, I slowly but surely kept gaining.

I tore HORRIBLY giving birth, which meant basically 2 months barely being able to move, and 3 slowly healing from the inside out. When my baby turned 6mo, I finally set my foot down and decided I was done being flabby. How I lost 30 lbs of baby weight in 3 months!

I needed a healthy, sure-fire, way to get kick started. That’s where Kirtley’s coaching came into play. It helped me to see progress quickly and steadily which was super motivating.

I dropped 27lbs in 3 months and have since added in exercise and changed my overall eating/health habits.

I now weigh as much as I did in high school and am working on building a good solid muscle base. Throughout this process, my husband’s habits have also changed and many of our friends have noticed how differently we eat…”

How I lost 30 lbs of baby weight in 3 months!

Awesome job Jess! Jess learned a few new healthy eating habits that helped her body really focus on BURNING fat, rather than storing it. Among some habits were eating more frequent small, balanced meals, and drinking more water.

I am so stinkin’ proud of you! Jess is an example of optimal life for LIFE!

I have no doubt that her habits will stick for good—she’s caught the vision, and that makes me SO happy!

Ok so I am sure you’re wondering what the heck she ACTUALLY did. The science behind how I help people is all about balancing your BLOOD SUGAR. Did you know that when your insulin spikes, it tells your body to store fat?? Welp, it does. And through eating the right balance of foods, your blood sugar does not spike, and your insuling NEVER tells your body to store fat.


So what happens, is you get into what I call Fat Burning–you don’t feel hungry, and your cravings go away. I know I know, it sounds too good to be true, but I’ve been doing this for 2 years and it’s really how it works.

Women lose 10 lbs a month, men even more.

It’s just science:) For more stories check out my aunt! She lost 60 pounds in 7 months…with thryoid problems. No joke.

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Have a great weekend everyone!

Change someone’s life!

xox, Kirtley

And just for fun….I’ll throw in a day in the life picture with my pet dog horse. This is me working from home.

Work from home

Luckily my nerdy Bluetooth is on my other ear 😉 Doing my client calls outside can be a blast!

Contact me if you’d like to chat about eating healthy! I’d love to hear what your goals are and what we can do!


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  1. Great post. So fun to hear success stories and that it’s not some strict diet but rather a new way of eating and being active for life. I bet your an awesome coach!

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