How to identify your emotions with H.A.L.T.

I am so sunburned!

It was entertaining to look at all the sunburned faces last night while we were playing games. Most of us are fair skinned so we all got hit pretty hard. Spending 6 hours in the sun at a lake will probably do it to you though. I wish you could see how red we all were! And hey, have you ever played Moods? Favorite game ever!!20140722_214404

Best part of the day at Bear Lake was SAILING on a SAILBOAT!! I felt like Bob on What about Bob. Know what I mean??


We may look white here..but my legs are about as red as my swimsuit today haha.


I was stupid and took an early morning run with my super amazing runner cousin Nicole. She’s training for the Boston marathon (woohoo!), so I ran 6 miles with her, and she finished her 18 miles. So awesome. We ran at a 8:17 pace. I got a side ache at mile 2…not fun. Do any of you get side aches all the time? Nicole says her and her friends think the best thing to avoid them is just to warm up slowly. I’ll have to be better at that.

Anyway, I was sore all day. Turns out my muscles are not quite conditioned long distance running…but it would be nice to get there.

Here’s an idea of what we ran through. So pretty!


So everyone in my family now knows me as the healthy/fitness/intuitive eater person…

and that’s both a good thing and bad thing. I’ll have to get into that sometime. Most all of them have been following the challenges carefully—so it’s been fun to feel their support. The conversations we talk about are always interesting. We learn a lot from eachother’s experiences since a lot of us have dealt with weight issues.

Alrightee let’s talk about H.A.L.T.

HALT is an acronym for cuing into your emotions better. It stands for





These are the emotions that commonly trigger bad eating habits—right?!!! Do you see that in yourself? How often do you mindlessly eat food just because you are lonely?

I would also add the emotions



Those are kickers!

This goes along with this week’s challenge of breaking a bad habit. Say for example your goal is to lose weight. You want to avoid  the chocolate at work..

When you find yourself about to break your personal goal, use stop challenge choose. When you STOP, you will use this acronym to identify which emotion you are feeling.

Doing this will help you explain why you are ‘wanting’ to break your goal. It’s smart to be aware of your emtions at all times, so that you can prevent poor choices. I will often stop myself from mindlessly eating when I just identify that I am bored. I put the food out of eye sight, and get my water bottle.

Try it out alright?! It’s amazing. One of my fellow health coaches gave me that idea, so I’m excited to share it.

Have a great day!!

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Do you have a favorite board game?

What about side aches–do you get them? How do you deal with them?

What do you think about HALT? Does it seem helpful? How so?

10 thoughts on “How to identify your emotions with H.A.L.T.

  1. I LOVE Moods! We play it all the time with my family!
    My sister actuallly gets side aches all the time. Once she heard that pickle juice helps haha…but I don’t think it helped. Good luck with that, it’s a tough one.

    HALT is awesome! That’s SO true–I do start eating poorly when I have those emotions. I’ll be applying that this week for sure!

  2. The kicker emotion for me stress.
    I am a TOTAL stress eater!!
    It will help me to identify that next time I get stressed, and use the stop challenge choose method!
    I love Monopoly!

  3. I get side aches all the time, and I have no idea what triggers them. A Slow warm up makes sense though..I’ll have to try that.
    Great idea with HALT!

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