How to be happy AND healthy on the 4th of July!

I am addressing those who are trying to avoid sugar/fattening food this 4th of July. I know everyone has different health goals and different ways to lose weight. I don’t believe you have to completely avoid sugar and junk food in order to be healthy, but I know most need to be wise in their choices in order to lose weight. I am able to maintain a healthy weight just fine while incorporating sugar/greasy food in a balanced amount. I just don’t make a fuss about sugar and the junk. It’s easier that way.

So, this is for all you who are trying to avoid certain foods this fourth. It may be for weight loss, for more control, or just for a better feeling.

Since I’m all about intuitive eating, my advice will be simple.

ENJOY the holiday!

Let me read your thoughts..

“But holidays are all about the amazing food, right?

And if I am trying to lose weight, I can’t eat the amazing, sweet treats right?


OK guys, that mind frame right there is likely what’s getting you in trouble. My clients should know this by now.

I want to  go over the importance of your perspective.

Your perspective is your reality. Say that 30 times.


Many people perceive junk food as the key to happiness and good memories.

What if you tweaked that a little bit and found a new source of happiness and good memories?

What if ENJOYING the holiday didn’t only mean enjoying the sweet/greasy stuff?


What if enjoying the holiday meant you felt in control of your appetite at all times, you socialized and enjoyed the scenery, and after it all, you felt totally healthy and lively still? No regrets.

Read my own thoughts:

  • Situation: Family gathering. Mom’s best pie is in front of me. Everyone is eating it.
  • Thoughts about the pie, if I didn’t end up eating it: I could eat the pie. Of course I can—I have the choice. So do I want the pie? Yes…but I also don’t want to feel too full. And I will if I eat this. I also don’t want to over eat, because I like the weight I am at now. And..I also don’t want to get that sugar high headache. And, I would actually be really happy with myself if I remained in this balance that I feel inside of me. So do I want the pie? Not as much as I want the feeling I have now, and the feeling I will have. So, no thanks for now. Maybe later, or else next time. No problem.

See how I kinda just don’t care if I do or don’t? It’s not like I’ll never have the chance to eat pie again. I don’t feel like I am restricting myself. I just feel logical about the decision, in a way that reflect the care I have for my body.

Once you start viewing food in a healthy way, you will never be sad about ‘missing out’ on certain foods again. You’ll realize you base all of your decisions off of what you really want, or what makes you happy. The thing is—you control what you decide makes you happy.

images (1)

If feeling healthy, whole and energetic becomes your happiness, then your decisions will reflect such. Your body will too.

If you start viewing food as a fact, then you won’t be sad if you decide not to taste the cheesecake or homemade doughnuts.  You’ll realize every food has it’s consequences, and then you’ll simply be logical about what consequences you want.

It’s so simple.

If you are trying to cut back on calories this 4th of July, please don’t let yourself be miserable because of your self-imposed restraints. Figure out a way to be happy about your goal to be healthier. Find a way to feel free! Don’t view restraints as restraints. Focus on WHY you are choosing not to eat certain foods, and value the value in that!

ENJOY the feeling of health and balance. Enjoy how it feels to not be controlled by foods like sugar anymore. Enjoy your control, because of your change of perspective.

Got it??

Good luck today-especially to my amazing clients who have made so many healthy changes!!

Don’t forget to be HAPPY! If you feel restricted at all, snap out of it and change your perspective.

Health is not about restrictions. It’s about freedom.


So…what do you think? Does it really just take a change in perspective?

How have you dealt with self-imposed restrictions? How does it usually turn out?

What do you think is the healthiest way to avoid junk food?

4 thoughts on “How to be happy AND healthy on the 4th of July!

  1. That’s a good point–it’s all mostly in your head. I liked what you said about how your perception is your reality. I think I’ll work on that tonight. I can see how it would make a big difference!

  2. I agree. I think I want to eat unhealthy food mostly because I feel like I can’t have it. If I quit restraining myself and realized I can be happy in other ways, then things would be a lot easier for me. Thanks.

    • I think the best way to avoid eating junk food is to quit buying it. I noticed my grocery cart last week was mostly fruits and vegetables! That’s a good change! Thanks for your amazing tips Kirtley!

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