How many lbs do you want to lose BEFORE the New Years?

Hey Super Stars! How’s it going?

So I only have a few minutes to chat but I want to get the word out! Our Holiday Health Challenge starts on MONDAY!!! This is an AMAZING challenge, you won’t want to miss it!

Before you say, “I don’t want to miss out on pumpkin pie!!”please know it’s NOT a “no sugar, no dessert” type kind of challenge!

Why it’s best to start NOW, in the middle of the holidays:

  1. All the junk food left over from Halloween, all the treats the neighbors bring that are left hanging around on your counter…yeah, do you REALLY want that?? This is an excuse to quit your mindless eating and start being MINDFUL about the junk that goes into your mouth. It doesn’t mean you don’t get to eat pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, I just help you chose carefully.
  2. Guess what happens when you are more careful about what goes in your mouth? You ENJOY everything you eat much more! What better time to enjoy what you eat than during the holidays?!
  3. You’re going to be around your family a LOT during the holidays, so….you’ll want to LOOK good AND feel good right?!!! Right. So let me help you be healthy so you WANT to be in family pictures!

Ok want to hear about the details? Just a hint…you get 4 FREE coaching sessions with me if you join this challenge!

Stephanie down 60 lbs on nursinng mothers

Here’s the deets:

Starts this coming Monday. Nov. 21st, 2016!

  • The buy in is $23 (all goes to prizes!)

  • Runs Mon. Nov.21st–Dec.18th (but you can join late up til Dec 5th)

  • You get points for the healthy things you do (sleep, eating well, having quiet time, interacting with the team)

  • You can choose to maintain OR lose weight (4% or more)

  • If you reach your goal & get 65% of your healthy habit points, all winners get to split the winner’s pool

  • Anyone can play using any health program or method they want

  • It’s just an easy way to have a ton of fun and get healthy!

  • VIDEO 

  • What’s new in this SPECIAL HOLIDAY round? 28-days of holiday related content from Dr. A, fun holiday movie quotes, Holiday Survival Tips, new holiday themed videos/webinars on how to adopt the Habits of Health by top TSFL Coaches and “Holiday Health & Hope” success stories


 Click HERE to join! 

And there you go friends! Hope you decide to take the leap! If anything, gosh I’d love to coach you for free! That alone is worth about $150!

Happy Holidays! Remember, you are the captain of your ship! DECIDE what you want, don’t just let life happen to you!

xox Kirtley

PS–do good today! Make someone’s day! Go out of your way for them!

Serious! I would love to hear what you think about that!

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