Healthy eating starts with the grocery store

I learned the trick of the grocery store about 4 years ago, after I lost 25 lbs. If I didn’t want to eat too much of something, I simply didn’t let it into my apartment. THAT’S IT! The summary of this whole page is: If you will not be happy about eating all of it, by yourself, then DON’T BUY IT.

So let’s say you have a problem with eating too much junk food.

If you are serious about eating junk food less, then you should start with purifying your kitchen! Remove any packaged junk food items. Be honest with yourself and really get rid of it (or donate it to your unhealthy neighbors haha). This should be any type of cracker or chips, and any form of processed sugar…and anything else you know you eat too much of that could cause problems.

NEXT. Write a healthy grocery list of what you will buy. Now you know what you NEED. Not what you your eyes want the moment they see ice cream 50% off. I know it’s hard, but don’t put comfort food on your list (or be wise if you do). Choose your ideal snacks that would create a healthy mind and body, and put them on your list.

For those of you wanting an idea of what I like to load up on—here’s what my cart looked like on Monday:

Grocery 1

I try to keep any packaged item either one ingredient (pure almonds, just beans), or the bare minimum amount. The package things were were string cheese, butter, pesto, peanut and almond butter, then random chinese noodles I have never bought before.

Here is what I was buying for Josh, per his request haha:

Grocery 3

**I’m not an extreme health-nut so yes I drink milk and eat cold cereal with Josh when I feel like it or am in a hurry. I don’t like buying packaged meats though. It grosses me out. This is my second time in our whole married life (1.5 years) I have bought packaged meat, per Josh’s request (rumor about the nitrates that I have never actually researched). The yogurt I found had only 5 ingredients in it, compared to a paragraph of ingredients on others I looked at**

Again, make sure you are buying food that you would be happy knowing you ate all of it, by yourself.  For example. If I buy a bag of Wheat Thins, how would I feel if I knew I were to have all of those circulating around in my blood, within one week? I would feel oily and gross. I say this because there WILL be moments when you are tired, or hungry, or stressed, or maybe depressed. And you will look for comfort food. And you’ll keep eating. And eating. Even though you swore you wouldn’t. It’s all about prevention and preparation!!! Josh loves otter pops haha. I’m curious to see how long it will take him to conquer that bag. I don’t love them so I am not worried about having them around the house. I am not a control freak either and if Josh makes an ‘unhealthy’ request, I’m happy to grab it for him.

Now go to the grocery store. Don’t be hungry.

I repeat. DONT BE HUNGRY!!! Hunger causes sugar cravings. In order to avoid the nasty sugar leash, you must prepare by eating a small snack ahead: A fruit, a few almonds, a cheese stick, granola…

You know you have a good grocery list when you mostly stick to the perimeter of the store. You’ll notice that the whole foods are on the perimeters, while the packaged foods are in the middle.

Don’t get sucked into the menacing middle of the store! If you know it’s hard to resist buying junk food, keep your eyes away from tempting sites.

Now that you have followed your grocery list and bought your food for the week (maybe you go twice a week), go home and fill your kitchen with good food! Your stress level will go down because you know you WILL eat healthy food this week, because that’s just the ONLY option! I can’t tell you how many times I have been hungry and rummaged the kitchen for junk food and couldn’t find anything. I was forced to eat something healthy, and drink more water. It’s an incredible way to prevent unhealthy choices. My favorite is watching Josh open every single cupboard, the fridge, then the freezer. He stands there not quite sure what to do because he was craving something we just didn’t have. So then he goes for something healthy.  And that’s the fruit of prevention and preparation baby!

Don’t underestimate the power of creating a healthy environment!! The good news is, it’s all in YOUR control!!! It really does just start at the grocery store. If you are a binge eater…make sure you only have carrots and celery to binge on…that will change things up a bit! Sounds boring, I know. But it will start working. You control what you body is addicted to as well–you might as well be addicted to nutritional stuff ya know?

**If you can’t control yourself when you shop, consider sending someone else at first while you adjust to a lifestyle of a clean kitchen. OR, use a friend to hold you accountable and text her before and after you go shopping to report on how you did. You can put money on the line. Ex: One hundred bucks if I buy something off my list.  Have a friend go shopping with you and have her read your list so you stick to it.

So here’s a summary of creating a healthy environment:

  • Clean out your kitchen
  • Write a healthy grocery list
  • Don’t be hungry when you shop
  • Stick to the list
  • Be happy at home where you only have clean options!

This is so easy! Try it out and master it, and you will see a huge increase in your health!!

Good luck!

–Tell me if you’ve already tried this and how it worked!

–Let me know how it goes if it’s a first!!

Serious! I would love to hear what you think about that!

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