Health Queen Spotlight Time!

Hey there!

I thought it was about time for another spotlight time! I chose Lynnea, one of my amazing clients. She’s really come far! My favorite text from her was,

“I just fit into pants I haven’t fit in for 2 years!!”

Yeah….that was super fun to hear.


Here’s her story:

Throughout my whole life I kind of had a problem with binge eating. As a little kid I always snuck candy in my room, or bad foods in my room and scarfed the food in my mouth scared of my mom seeing me eating what I wasn’t supposed to be eating.

Another bad habit builder was when my dad snuck us kids off to get us candy. That was when I was young and not worried about what I ate because I was skinny. It kind of became a bad habit.

Any kind of bad foods I ate I kind of just shoved in my mouth in a hurry. As I got older, when it came to unhealthy food and baked goods, I just hurried and ate and wanted more and more and more. It became pretty bad. I’ve been through diets and lost weight and gained it back because things in my life made me depressed, and I just didn’t care about my health.

I was getting bigger and bigger and had to do something about it! It has been 5 weeks since I started watching what I eat, and what my portions were. I started eating every couple hours and drinking lots of water. So far I have lost 13 pounds! I am wanting to go down 28 more!

I am feeling so much better and not even caring to want cookies or candy or scarf things down–except when I go out to eat with my family and I am not able to eat what they are having. It is hard to get the food out of my mind. I have been working on that, and not wanting to eat, eat, eat!!

I haven’t worked out for awhile and I’m wanting to start exercising and going hard core to build that up again. Losing weight has helped me WANT to exercise, which I really love! I am determined that a healthier life is a happier life with a more clear head. I will believe in myself more and get more accomplished!! I just started.. I will not stop!



Thanks Lynnea for sharing your experience, I know it can be scary! What I’ve noticed about her is that she is REALLY good at keeping in touch with me, and reading everything I give her to read about health. I have seen her desire to learn transfer into her daily habits and mind frame. That’s what will be the key to keeping her weight off as long as she wants.

I am always excited when my clients are determined to learn. Every single client I’ve had that has a thirst to learn about health, meets their goal weight and keeps it off. I have NO doubt this will be the case for Lynnea.

You are amazing girl, keep it up!!


And just an update on Julie, one of my past clients I spotlighted in July

I just got an email from her saying the following:

I got the courage to weigh…I’m down 40 pounds all together!!!! 

And despite my stressing..didn’t gain anything! I am anxious to get down another 3+ pounds…I won’t be overweight ! It has been fun at work because I interviewed at my heaviest…..came here almost 40 pounds lighter… wasn’t recognized by some.…and getting noticed for continuing to loose weight!

I am getting back into a good routine at my new job with my water and meals.

Bad news is I bought a really nice suit set with jacket…pants…skirt…dress…for my new job…pants already baggy! Wearing a size 12 and medium tops….so fun to be there again!

The weight loss has helped boost my confidence starting a job I can’t believe I was hired for!”


I love getting news like this–health coaching has been the most fulfilling job I’ve ever had! Good job Julie, I’m excited for those 3 lbs to be knocked out!

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Have a great day everyone! I’m off to work at the pediatric office!

P.S.–It’s not too late to join the 6 week HEALTH CHALLENGE! Everyone has really loved it so far, and are learning a ton! It’s been a huge success and I’d love to have you on my team!!

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