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I am extremely excited to show off Julie (name withheld) this week! I’ve been working with Julie for 9 weeks now. It has been so thrilling to watch her transformation! She inspires me with her dedicated decision to create optimal health for LIFE—not just until she has lost weight. I love talking to her each week because she always has some cool story describing how she’s become so much more aware of herself and her habits. Here’s her story, you’ll love it. Many people will be able to relate to what she used to struggle with…

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“Over many years the bad habits built up….and so did my weight. I kept my eating habits (lots of eating anything) after being diagnosed and treated for Graves’ disease. Despite warnings from my doctor to change my eating habits that I had adopted while my metabolism was on hyper warp speed- and now with my metabolism normal and overall health better…I kept eating.

I ate in a stressful job. I ate in stressful family situations. I ate because I was bored. I ate while I worked my way thru a doctoral program. I ate to keep my hands busy. I ate when I traveled ( as part of the local experience!).  I ate to celebrate or to recognize any good effort. I just ate. I treated and bribed my grandchildren with food…..which I ate too! I shared my bad habits with my precious grandchildren.


My husband knew that he could reach my heart with chocolate. I ate with my 6 foot 5 inch husband who can eat pretty much what he wants. I paid the consequences of it all!

I knew it was bad. I knew I was in bad shape. I tried to eat better, I spent time on the treadmill. I got so discouraged and frustrated with little to no progress……I ate! My oldest grand daughter sat next to me and poked my stomach asking me why it was so big. Her mother quickly got after her. I explained it was because I ate too much sugar. I had to do something to change the direction I was going.

I came to a cross roads…my doctorate awarded…my work situation changed…. Some personal stresses I needed to learn not to invest so much of myself in and to not manage by eating.

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I have lost over 25 pounds. Halfway to my goal. I plan and eat regularly now. I drink plenty of water each day – it is the kick start to my day. With sugar out of my diet- the taste of vegetables is a treat! I am learning new responses to when I feel stress, boredom or want to celebrate! I am happy that I am a better grandmother and am not passing on bad eating habits to a new generation ( sorry to my own kids…..). I want to be in photos now of our travels and with my family.

These things inspire me now, motivate me to think twice about the cookie, cake or bread that I thought I couldn’t live without.
I love that I have learned that it is not eating that makes me happy – it is being conscious of what I am feeling, being smart I how I react to those feelings, and be much more self aware. This awareness has opened up my life and while vegetables taste better now…life feels so much better too!”

Sherrill, 60 lbs in 7 months

(Julie reached her goal of 60 lbs, in 7 months)

Keep it up Julie! I am SO proud of you! Thanks for being an inspiration to us all!

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