Health Queen Spotlight + Grand Opening Announcement!

Hey Super Stars!!

Whew! I finally finished my new business site! Not only have things been busy with programming, but client counseling and an unexpected trip to the ER with a friend have been a big part of my week!

After the spotlight I’ll show ya around the new site (discount alert). Gosh, it looks way better than this site haha, I should probably work on this baby now that I’m done with the other one.

I’ve got a bunch of important posts my clients have requested, and they’ve been on hold while I was finishing it! I guess I look forward to writing more posts. I gotta tell you though, it’s fun learning how to code…pretty much learning anything new is enjoyable though.

Health Queen Spotlight

Well, I’ve been dying to show off one of my super-star clients. She’s one of those people who brings me to tears EVERY time she reports her progress. It’s SO rewarding to me to see changes in people, to hear their excitement and happiness in their growth.

I met Jordan at the family practice office she works at about a month ago. She said she just needed to gain control again. She also said she didn’t necessarily want to lose weight, but she wanted to eat cleaner.


Since starting she has made so much progress. Here are 10 questions from the surveys I’ve sent her, with her answers. As you read, you’ll be able to pinpoint fundamental habits that are changing, and that will keep her healthy for long term!

     1. What is something you are proud of this week (non-scale victory)?

The realization that it is my choice. I have no restrictions. There is nothing that I “can’t” eat. I am just choosing to be healthy!! ( VITAL!!)
     2. What is something that you learned about health?

High fructose corn syrup can only be absorbed by your liver and the food industry puts it in everything because it is addictive. I feel so taken advantage of. Thanks for the eye opener from Dr. A’s Habits of Health.
     3. Did you do your daily positive affirmations?

Yes! love smiling in the mirror it totally changes your attitude even if you did not feel down or negative in the first place.
     4. Did you focus on mindful eating?

Yes. I feel like I am starting to crave the healthy stuff. I can look at candy and not have to have the healthy pep talk my healthy snack actually sounds better.
     5. What is something you learned about your body?

If I real food every 3 hours I will be genuinely hungry just before each meal or snack. It is real hunger. It is different than when I want food because I am bored or because I am stressed.
     6. What is something you learned about your body?

When I eat like crap, I feel like crap. (Don’t you love that answer?! So simple…yet so true).
     7. Are you hearing and responding to your body’s cues better?

I learned something new. I could definitely feel that the food I ate during the weekend was not as nourishing as the whole foods I was eating. It was harder to digest. Left me bloated and gassy. I had indigestion. I just need to remember this for the future when I am tempted by delicious holiday food.
     8. How do you feel about yourself?

Great! I feel like I am starting to get a hang of the meal planning and prep. Twenty one days to make a habit. I noticed last week that I would get up after dinner and start packing my lunch for the next day with out even thinking about it.
     9. How do you feel about your health and energy levels?

I am feeling much better. I don’t feel as out of control anymore. I feel like I am free to make healthier choices and it is not a bad thing. I have a much better mind set then I did 3 weeks ago. I am a healthy person and I am going to continue to make  healthy choices to support that. I feel happier.
     10. Are you hearing and responding to your body’s’ cues better?

Yes. I am loving that I am craving my healthier snacks now. I also love that fact that I feel like I could set a clock by my hunger now. I can eat something and as soon as I feel hungry again it is has been 2 ½ -3 hours, and in the in between times I don’t think about food at all I feel energized.

See what I mean? I just think the world of this girl. She inspires me so much. Thanks Jordan for letting me spotlight you!!



Here we go!

In honor of my grand opening I’ll be doing a 25 dollar discount to the first 3 people that sign up!

Well, there’s not much to tell you other than what the address is! It’s over at:

Let me know what you think!

Have a great day everyone! I gotta make some clients calls and then I’ll be headed to an appointment with a local dietitian  who  counsels people diabetes. We’re gonna put our heads together about what we can do to help Utah County Diabetics! After that it’s rock climbing and then grocery shopping!

See ya next week with tips on how to make recipes healthier!


Regarding Jordan–did you notice any new habits she’s learning that you’re working on?

Any fun plans to break up the week??

27 thoughts on “Health Queen Spotlight + Grand Opening Announcement!

  1. Wow, she really has made a ton of progress! I really love your business site and your values, i’m very interested in learning more.

  2. GOOD JOB JORDAN!! I really want to crave veggies like you do…that’s really cool. And I like the comment about not being depraved. Cool.

Serious! I would love to hear what you think about that!

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