Half marathon recap + spoiler alert

Gosh it feels like it’s been forever!!

How was Thanksgiving for you all? Did my last post run across your mind at all? Ya know, it did for me…and I just wasn’t in the mood to think about it. I know for a fact, talking with my clients for the past few days, that I was not alone. And that’s fine by me haha.

I feel behind in giving a Thanksgiving update because most everyone already has. But, I have a ton of fun things to share, so I’ll go for it. Today will be a day in the life post rather than a healthy eating tip…it’s nice to get a mix up once in awhile 🙂

SPOILER ALERT: I gotta let you in on a secret before we start. Part of the reason I have been MIA is because I have been working on my upcoming nutrition counseling site that I should be launching next week! I’m way excited to get it up and going! The doctor offices I have been working with have requested it, so I’ve been busy!


Most unique half marathon I have ever done! That’s partly why I have so many pictures.

I thought I was going to try to break my old record, but the week before I realized I wasn’t in top shape yet. So, I decided that I would just have fun with it…for once  (man I like it that way now!), and take it easy.

Josh and I made a goal at the beginning of this year to run a half marathon together. I doubted his seriousness since he doesn’t love to run. By September, we both had taken turns getting injured, and when we recovered, I started training, and he got super busy in work.

So, he didn’t train at all. At all. The furthest he had run, before this event, was 6 miles on a Fourth of July 10k we did together.

The day before he let me know he was really going to run it. Wait, seriously?? I was a little nervous about it, knowing all the injuries you can get when you’re not super trained for it. But, he was determined, as always.

So here we go. It was at Thanksgiving Point, a well known location in Utah. It was a beautiful, crisp morning. I always love the nervous energy of runners before a race.


The trail mainly kept in swamp land like this. It was nice being sort of in the country.20141127_090145 Lovely!20141127_091033 What I loved about this race was that along the trail they had sings saying what people were grateful for. When you registered you could add to the list. It made it fun and even made me laugh here and there—always a good thing while you’re running!


Favorite one:20141127_101055

This is a miracle shot. By now (well, by mile 4) Josh’s legs were totally shot. It was all he could do to even move his legs. He was super determined to finish the race though.  We would run a few minutes, then walk a few minutes.

He said later that he has never, ever been in more pain that he was in this race. Pretty amazing! I coudn’t believe his pain endurance. Heck I would have quit at mile 4.

Yes that’s a deviled egg finishing the race ahead of us haha.


Well! Personally, I’m way glad we did this race. It was a fun couple’s memory event. We can tell people we did a half together and sound hard core, and no one will know what really went down haha. I think we finished at 2 hours and 22 minutes.

As for Josh, for his sake, I hope we never do a no-train race ever ever again. Not worth the pain in my book.



The funny thing about Thanksgiving with my family, is everyone apologizes for any dessert they are eating in front of me. It’s like I make people feel guilty wherever I go. They did until they saw what I had…20141127_165338

What I did focus on this year, as far as healthy eating, was not getting too full. Every year I regret it. I ate what looked good, in SMART portion sizes…really smart portions sizes.

I realized that sometimes I literally just want one bite, so that’s all I dished up. I did want a lot of one bites though 🙂

Family! Yes…we’re all red heads! Well, my dad’s old pictures proves it. Just kidding Dad!!


Family round of disc golf. PERFECT weather. We had an awesome time!20141128_160350

And took fun pictures.20141128_164233

Love sun flares like that.


Family pizza part! Check out the size of that bubble!!20141128_200657


Josh and I have officially become professional novice rock climbers. We’ve been talking about getting a pass for awhile, and there was a killer deal on Black Friday for a climbing pass. So we got one!


We also had to get all the gear that comes with being a professional novice climber…shoes, harness, rope, chalk, chalk bag, hand grip thingie….yeah, we spent way more than we intended.


Our plan is to go everyday—super stoked about that! Both our forearms are way sore. I’m excited to get super buff arms and get over the beginning weak grip phase.

Where we have really scored is that we finally found a sport that we BOTH really love…a lot.  Both of us are excited to go do it, and are willing to make sacrifices to do it. I’ve always wanted to be hard core at a sport with my husband, and maybe this one is it!


Yesterday was my last day of working in an office! I will realllly miss the amazing women I work with, but I am excited to have more time at home to do things things I love, expand my own nutrition counseling business, and keep my hair up in a pony tail everyday. Hah.

That wraps things up!! Life is insanely good. I think it always will be, since it all starts inside yourself.

Take care everyone! Change the world today in your own spazzy style!!


Anyone run Thanksgiving races? Ever done that? Ever get injured during it?

How was your Thanksgiving? What were your eating strategies/victories/philosophies?

Who wants to come rock climbing with us??? But seriously…

18 thoughts on “Half marathon recap + spoiler alert

    • Hey Molly!! Welcome here!!!! Thanks for commenting too, I love to meet new people and check out their blogs too!

      Good luck haha! It’s a tough one. You may just have to do HIS sport with him enough to guilt him into doing YOUR sport with you 😉 Or just mention it this January for New Years goals:)

      You’re great! HAVE a wonderful day!

  1. Oh my gosh rock climbing! How fun! I really want to go now. I love how guys just decide they can run 13 miles, no problem. I know multiple guys who have done that hahaha if I didn’t train at all and then tried to run 13 miles I’d make it maybe 3. But I’m glad you at least finished together — you completed a goal! Wooo!

    You and I are soooo similar in our view of eating! People think I eat healthy 100% of the time but I’m always the first in line to try something decadent — I just don’t overdo it. I hope people don’t start feeling guilty in front of me that’s awful haha
    Lauren @ ihadabiglunch recently posted…The Weggy WorkoutMy Profile

  2. Hi Kirtley, It’s my first time stopping by. I ran a 5K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving with my husband and his family, and it was a very crowded course. I never run, just to run, so it was a good challenge for me. And as far as the grateful messages in your race, that’s so lovely. I really like your hot pink and patterned leggings shown above. Good luck with your new site!
    Ashley @ A Lady Goes West recently posted…Friday Favorites: Decor, bars, boots + a drinkMy Profile

    • Hey Ashley! Goooood to have you!

      Awesome job with your race–for some reason I really love the crowds. Not ideal for getting records, but fun just to be a part of it.

      Thanks! Scored those at a discount store haha, best purchase ever!!

  3. That is super exciting you are no longer working in an office! Congrats! That is huge 🙂 And, congrats on a great race and sticking by your man. It couldn’t of been easy for either of you, but you did it together and that is what counts!

Serious! I would love to hear what you think about that!

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