Finally get rid of that stomach pooch

Hey there super stars!

I have exciting news!!!

For the next 3 hours I am doing a $50 FLASH SCHOLARSHIP GIVEAWAY for my weight loss and optimal health program!

It’s first come first serve, so shoot me an email at kirtley[at] with your number on it and I’ll text you to schedule a time for a free consultation! There’s a limited amount!!

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This program’s results are constantly blowing my mind! I am passionate about what I do and love seeing my client’s transformations!

This is my dear friend Jenny (name change)! I have had the utmost privelege to work with her in getting to her optimal health!

For 1.5 years Jenny worked on losing 15 lbs of her left over ‘baby weight’. Know what she did? Everything the books tell you to and more:

–Ran 2 marathons (average 40 miles a week)

–Taught 4 exercise classes each week

–Ate really clean and healthy

So, guess how much weight she lost in those 1.5 years?

I hate to dissapoint, but she didn’t….she was at a constant plateau, totally stuck.

Jenny joined one of my health challenges and instead of doing my program to go along with it, she decided to try her own methods. She told me she was finally sick of hearing the other participants say they were down another pant size, and she was still the same.

So she called me up and we got her going on the fat burn plan.

before-after-3 (1)

In 1.5 months…guess how much weight she has released?

Those annoying 15 lbs she had been working on for the last year and a half!!!

Amazing right??

She hit her goal of getting rid of her stomach pooch–like a lot of us want!

Here is her experience in her own words:

I used to be one of those girls who counted calories every day and obsessed over the number on the scale. As an avid marathon runner, I may have looked healthy on the outside, but on the inside, there were a lot of internal battles going on. One day I decided life was too short to be stressing over counting calories, feeling guilty about what I should or shouldn’t be eating, and feeling like a slave to exercise.

I was determined to find a way to feel confident and happy about the way I looked without all the stress. I wanted my mind and body to feel at peace with each other! Achieving that peace for me started after I had my second baby. I was about 15 pounds heavier than I felt comfortable with at the time. I was eating very healthy, teaching exercise classes 4 times a week, and even running about 40 miles a week, and I still wasn’t able to return to a size where I felt comfortable and confident in my clothes.

Then I found Kirtley’s program, and after two weeks on the program, I dropped 9 pounds! I could not believe the scale actually moved that much in just two weeks after months and months of hard work. I was so excited! But, more importantly than the scale moving, I was learning skills that eliminated all those internal battles I had gotten used to trying to fight off with will power.

I learned to enjoy exercise for the pure fun of it, and I no longer stressed over how much, how hard, or how many calories I was burning. I learned to trust myself and just relax because my mind and body were finally at peace with each other, and that felt so good! Her is my stomach pooch before and after–it’s possible my friends!

Way to Jenny! So so proud of you and grateful that I got to be involved with your journey!

Here is Jess’s story-another mom who lost her pooch!

Again contact me  ASAP to claim the $50 scholarship and include your text number so I can schedule a time to chat!

I am also accepting participants for my focus group for those who want to lose 10-20 lbs before 2016!! Get in touch with me asap to join in the fun!! Beat the new years rush to lose weight!


Take care team, have a life changing, beautiful day!



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