Exclusive tour of the farmhouse, and how I’ve compensated since the road trip

Welcome to your personal tour of our little farmhouse! To those who are new, we just moved back to Utah (from NE) after being gone for 4 months.

This is the happenings of arriving at our house a few days ago. My grandpa is kind enough to let us stay in his old farmhouse for the time being. It is 170 years old! We’re in charge of keeping the mice and spiders away. I was super nervous about coming home to a family of mice and nest of spiders…

Here we go!

This is the long 10 mph driveway to get to our cottage that’s hidden behind the trees.


Quite quaint isn’t it? We get water from a well. Tastes like sulfur. Yes, the house has a funny smell. But it grows on you. No air conditioning. That doesn’t grow on you.

20140717_204110 (1)

Surprise! My mom wrote us a welcome home sign. She’s always doing something thoughtful!


Here’s the insides! Isn’t it cute? This is the bare, cluttered, ‘we just got home and are unpacking’ look. So pressure is off of me to be a pro decorator.

20140715_081618 - Copy

View from our ‘back yard,’ and my natural 3 mile track.


And the horse whisperer runs again…just kidding. But it looks pretty dramatic doesn’t it?20140717_064232_1

Working my glutes all the way up the hill. Sarge is making sure my form is right.

Oh and guess what?! I hit my pull up goal for the month! I did 8 in a row, allll the way down. I am super stoked about that!


And this is my horse, given to me as a gift! She is a retired race horse named, “High Tide Bride.” We call her Lady to be normal. I used to be her ‘exercise jokey’ back in the days of her racing years. After I run I take her out, because sadly, she got fat while I was away.


And for dinner we had zoodle spaghetti!


Try it out if you haven’t already. It’s a fun dish to make!


So that’s it! We’re excited to be here again. Turns out there was no family of mice, only lots of mice droppings. I’ll take that over a family. Only saw one huge spider…where are the rest hiding?? I spent a LOT of time cleaning up that place.



Remember how I showed you what I ate during our road trip home? McDonalds, Denny’s and doughnuts come to mind…

I don’t feel guilty if I eat ‘unhealthy food,’ because I know how to compensate, or re-calibrate. I wanted to show you how simple it is to compensate—or ‘make up’ for unhealthy eating. It’s not an excuse to eat garbage…but more like a way to keep balanced and enjoy a variety of food. I know that is controversial.  I’ll refrain from explaining myself since this post is already long and I want to keep things short.

OK one second. The quick version is this: I’m not strict or restrictive with any types of foods, as you can see.  I’ve easily maintained my weight for 4 years after losing 25 lbs. I think everyone just needs to get to know their body. As of now, I feel like I have mastered the way my body feels and works, so compensation comes naturally. I can gain and lose weight at willI totally respect those who are more strict, or less strict. Everyone has their ways and that’s great.

I’ll show you how I’ve eaten since coming back and grocery shopping.

    • Breakfast: (This was extended over a couple hours as I was in and out running and riding)
      • Carrot
      • Protein shake
      • A couple spoonfuls of cottage cheese
      • Egg and cabbage omlette
    • Snacks:
      • Lots of water
      • Olives
      • Apple/nuts
      • Celery
      • Bowl of cereal
      • Homemade popsicles
    • Dinner: Eggplant lasagna

See how I’ve compensated? My body feels a lot cleaner, lighter, and energetic as I’ve eaten small portions of mostly clean, whole pant based foods. This is what my body has been wanting. I’ve listened to those signals as part of intuitive eating. My body knew it was time to be clean again. One key to continued weight loss, if that’s what you’re looking for, is staying ahead of your ‘indulgences’ through smart compensation.

I am assuming that I won’t be in the mood for junk food for quite awhile, as my body compensates and re-calibrates. I am good at listening to my body, so I’m not worried about gaining weight as would be a common fear after all the junk I’ve eaten. More specifics on compensation to come.

Hope that makes sense! Sorry that was so wordy!

Have a super day!!

PS-Tomorrow I will be posting more about intuitive eating-honoring your hunger, as part of the weekly challenge. Keep in touch!

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Do you practice compensation? How does it work for you?

Can you tell when your body wants to be cleaner? Is it hard to listen? Maybe you just avoid being ‘unhealthy’ in the first place?

City or country person??

22 thoughts on “Exclusive tour of the farmhouse, and how I’ve compensated since the road trip

  1. Wow I want to run there so bad!!

    I am definitely a country girl. Want to trade houses??

    As far as compensation, I totally agree with your method. I like to undulge and not feel guilty about it. It’s all about being smart, and having the right mind frame like you said. I know that I don’t have a problem with going out of control, it seems you don’t either, so that’s why I don’t get worried.
    Great post, I’m excited to hear more about it. I am loving the topics you cover! Fun pics too!

  2. City girl for sure!! I’m sorry but I don’t like dirt. But, I do like horses (even though they are covered in dirt). Lady is pretty 🙂

    Compensation. I’ve actually never heard of it put that way…but it makes sense now. I am generally just paranoid about eating any junk food because I assume I’ll gain weight.
    I like how you put that it is not an excuse to eat garbage..but more of a way to enjoy good food–if you’re into that sort of thing (which I am).
    I’ll see if I can’t balance more…
    Thanks a TON!

  3. Country girl all the way! I love mountains and corn fields..and cow manure smell believe it or not!

    I actually can feel when my body needs and wants to be cleaner…but only when I am trying to pay attention. When I was heavier, I couldn’t. It was like the only life I knew was a life of grease. I didn’t realize I could feel cleaner! So yes, it was hard to start listening…but now it’s doable!

    • Not very many people like the smell of manure haha! That’s cool you can feel that. It’s definitely something to practice, like you said. Most of my clients say that too–they didn’t realize they could feel so good. Thanks for the report!! Keep in touch!

  4. You have a 3 miles track in your back yard?!! That is SO cool!!

    My version of compensating..doesn’t really exist. I think that’s why I like your blog so much. I’ll have to start working on that because I don’t really know what that clean feeling is like. I do like the list you gave though.

  5. After I have a bad day of eating I can tell my body is craving good, nutritious foods. That means the next few days I am very aware of what I am putting into my body and making sure I’m getting the nutrients I need!

  6. SImilar to Megan, it’s easy to tell when I have that BLAH feeling. You know..you always complain about it to your friends. So instead of just giving up and continuing to make it worse, I try to eat cleaner. Since doing that I have found more self-confidence in myself!

  7. Those pictures of you running with the horses are absolutely gorgeous. Such beautiful photography! And yes, I am practicing compensation today myself after an evening of indulging. But I have absolutely no guilt! Life is for living! And most importantly, health is about what you do over the long-term, not one evening (or one road trip) If I can say that MOST of the time I eat right and am physically active, then I’m happy 🙂

    • Thanks! It’s easy to take nice pics when it’s naturally pretty here!
      I’m so glad to hear you don’t take the guilt train–isn’t life SO much better that way? Isn’t it more fun to be around friends who don’t complain about what they ate? Awesome Katie. I’m totally with you about eating well most of the time. Right on. Thanks for sharing–you always have really good insights!

  8. OK I still don’t get what you mean my listening to my body..but I like the direction this is going. I’ll see ya tomorrow with your intuitive eating post! You’re a great writer.

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