Challenge #9: Watch the glycemic index

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Alright, so first off, have you ever heard of the glycemic index?

It’s a list that basically says how high in sugar certain foods are, including vegetables and fruit.

You heard me—vegetables and fruit are carbohydrates, which is a form of glucose, which is a form of sugar. Crazy right? And hey–I’m not trying to scare you alright? Read on..


GREAT blog for advice about nutrition!! She's super smart!  Thanks!

This is what Dr. Anderson says about the glycemic index:

“Foods that carry high glycemic loads are more likely to make you hungry faster.  The foods will cause an increase in your blood sugar which then starts a cycle of the body releasing insulin to aid in the rise in blood sugar and insulin also helps to store the excess sugar as fat.  The body will then become low in blood sugar and you will be hungry again.  A study out of University of Massachusetts found that those who ate foods high on the glycemic scale weighed significantly more than those who did not.”

Eating low glycemic foods is a great way to lose weight or maintain weight. While eating fruits and vegatables is good, a lot of people don’t know there are some that will plump you up with sugar.

I had a client once tell me that every morning she ate watermelon—so why was she not losing weight? Little did she know, watermelon is one of the HIGHEST fruits in the glycemic index. She was pumping lots of sugar into her body each morning—that, and other factors, seemed to be keeping her from losing weight.

Here are the charts. The lower the GI the better. The dark green sections are the lowest.


Source for both


Well? Did you learn anything cool? Pretty eye opening if you’ve never seen that.


  1. Analyze the chart and compare what you normally eat to the numbers. Are you eating foods that are high on the scale, and you didn’t know it?
  2. Choose a few veggies and fruits to buy this week that are low on the GI index.
  3. If you are trying to lose weight, make most or all of your foods come from the dark green section.
  4. If you are not trying to lose weight, simply be more aware of what you are eating.

I would recommend eating the section light green moderately, and the section in red, even more moderately. If you do eat from the red section, try to eat something with protein along with it in order to balance your blood sugars. Go here for advice about that.

Palease keep in mind—I am not saying fruit and veggies are bad, I’m just saying the nutrition content is not all the same, and you should just be aware of that.

I’ll talk about insulin and blood sugars this week, it’s a fun topic!

GOOD LUCK with this challenge, hope you learn some stuff!

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See ya tomorrow with awesome weekend updates-including the snack story, gah!


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15 thoughts on “Challenge #9: Watch the glycemic index

  1. I think everyone is different when it comes to this. I ate SO much fruit (all kinds) when I was losing weight still lost 100lbs. But I know too much is an issue for some people.

    Dannii – Hungry Healthy Happy

    • Oh that’s WAY cool! Yeah sometimes all you need is a big change from what you were eating previously…and then the amount of calories and other things you’re eating all comes into play! Thanks for sharing that!

  2. oh yes and when you are already a diabetic you have learned to stay away from those high ones. However it has been hard sometimes but when I do go crazy and eat them anyway boy do I suffer!

  3. I have fallen behind! I’m in for this week though. I totally easy all the red s for fruit! Definitely will try to go more dark green

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