A grocery cart that is plant based

Hey guys!

I hope this week’s challenge is going well! For ideas on what snacks to eat that are plant based, go HERE.

In honor of eating more vegetables, I want to show you what my grocery cart usually looks like, in order to help get you in the mind frame of a whole foods, vegetable based diet. Once you see an example, it’s usually easier to copy.

Here are 3 examples of my grocery cart each week. You’ll see that I hang out mostly in the vegetable section. The main packaged foods I get are milk, greek yogurt, and cheese sticks. The canned food I get is usually coconut milk. I don’t like canned vegetables. Kinda grosses me out. I go for fresh or frozen. For anything packaged, I aim for the ones with one ingredient, or the fewest ingredients. I prefer to be able to pronounce each ingredient as well–you know what I mean?!


Week #1

Cool vegetable in that cart: Jicama. Bottom right. Try it out! It’s amazing! I bought the cauliflower to make rice out of it. The cereal and packaged turkey is per Josh’s request. You can see from the coconut milk that I was planning on making curry. Yehes!

As far as meat goes—we’re a young couple and don’t have money to spend on grass fed meat. One day that would be awesome though. For now, grocery store meats are just fine for us. What’s most important to me is focusing on the vegetables.

Do I buy organic veggies?

Naw. Again, I am trying to stay in a low budget at this time. I know a lot of health conscious people out there do, but I’m not too worried about the differences. Josh, my brainiac chemist husband, is a firm believer that organic stuff at grocery stores is over hyped up. Any difference, he says, will be ever so small, so he doesn’t care. I don’t have a strong opinion either way, since I’ve heard so much about both sides, so I just stick to what we can afford, and avoid a fight haha.

Grocery 2

Week #2

You can see it’s mostly vegetables and fruit again. As far as processed food or packaged food in this pic–I got my cheese sticks again. Got butter for cookies. Got natural peanut butter. I am actually a huge fan of that. Peanut butter can have a bunch of sugar and weird oils in it if you’re not careful. I recommend finding peanut that has only one ingredient.

Middle bottom is a can of Tahini for homemade hummus! That turned out amazing! Tahini is made out of sesame seeds. One ingredient. You’ll see the rice noodles on the right. That’s very uncharacteristic of me. Usually I don’t go for the extra garnishes (I try to keep things simple) but I finally wanted to try them out with an awesome recipe I found. The noodles made it look amazing, so I went for it.


Week #3

Canned foods: coconut milk and tomatoes (for a quick crock pot recipe). Didn’t buy milk or cereal this week because Josh said he wanted to be healthier. He’s liking the high protein greek yogurt with my homemade granola. Works for me!

The weird one in this cart is the noodles. I can’t remember the last time I bought noodles. I usually do zoodles instead. I have been craving my mom-in-law’s noodle salad, so I went for it.  The chicken apple sausage on top will go with it—can’t wait!

So do you get the gist of that?

Hope this helps as you grocery shop and focus on eating more vegetables! I’ll post my favorite blogs I use for healthy recipes HERE later today.


What does your cart usually look like?

Do you and your spouse eat the same?

Do you do organic or grass fed meats?


4 thoughts on “A grocery cart that is plant based

  1. Wow. My grocery cart does NOT look like that! I think I should hang out in the vegetable section more though…
    I do admit I have more sugary greasy packaged food. I think I’ll work on that!

  2. Me and my husband DO NOT eat the same! And it drives me crazy. I want him to be healthy, and I try to be an example…but that’s not working. You should write something about that.
    Same with you on the organic foods….too expensive….

  3. I usually have 1/2 veggies, 1/2 processed food. My kids love the packaged food.
    No on the organic. I want to grow my own vegetables though.
    My spouse and I both want to get healthier–so yes, we both eat the same..which is not good haha.

Serious! I would love to hear what you think about that!

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