9 Ways to Avoid Overeating Christmas Dinner

Merry Christmas my friends!!

Hope you all have happy plans for today and tomorrow! Josh and I are in Texas enjoying the warm weather with his family. It’s perfect running weather and I’ve really enjoyed that!


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So I know many of you are debating whether or not you want to stick to your health plan or not for Christmas. Here are a few tips that will help you eat healthy and be HAPPY, no matter what your plan is.

Some people don’t want to eat healthy on a big holiday dinner because of the FEAR OF LOSS. They are afraid of missing out on the fun holiday food. Consider this scenario though, you might see that you are telling yourself a lie by thinking you will miss out if you don’t eat the junk food.

We are used to watching children open their presents in pure delight on Christmas day.

How do we feel? HAPPY, excited, fulfilled. It’s FUN seeing THEIR pleasure of opening a lot of presents.

Do we feel sad that we don’t get as many presents? No…

Do we feel regret, or like we are missing out on the holiday fun? Not at all!

Apply that to Christmas dinner. What changed in my sugar addiction and ability to not eat junk wherever I went,  was when I started being EXCITED for the people around me that were eating the junk food.

I was happy there was traditional junk food around, and I was glad they were enjoying it!! What was even better was that I was not going to suffer the consequence of the unhealthy food like they were. SCORE! No bloating, no lethargy, no regret. Just a clean, light feeling for me!

I didn’t feel like I was missing out when others were eating the Christmas cinnamon rolls. Just like when I watch kids open presents, I was just happy it was happening and happy for the people.

Healthy eating for the holidays


The key is keeping an excited, happy feeling inside yourself about the junk food you’re not eating. Don’t let it turn to sadness or deprivation. That messes with your mind.

You don’t have to EAT the food in order to ENJOY the food. Just switch it around a little and enjoy the fact that people are enjoying the food. When you do that, you don’t miss out on the holiday fun at all. You keep your happiness, without suffering the consequences unhealthy food gives you.

Now let’s get on to the tips!

Here are 9 ways to avoid overeating Christmas dinner, and stick to your nutrition plan.

  1. Decide what your goals are before you go!
    1. Do you want to go off your plan? Indulge a little or a lot? How full do you want to get? Satisfied or stuffed?
    2. Tell someone what your plan is for extra accountability
  2. Before you leave to dinner, drink 2 cups of water or more.
  3. Eat a healthy snack before you go to dinner so you’re NOT hungry when you arrive. ESSENTIAL!!!!!!!
  4. When you arrive, take a survey of what’s available for dinner. Decide what the best foods are that you will indulge in (or not) and what’s not worth it.
    1. This helps with mindfulness.
  5. For your 1st plate, just take whole foods–veggies, fruit. Maybe just take the salad or baked potatoes.
  6. While you eat, eat mindfully and slowly.Swallow before you take another bite and drink water in between!
  7. When you’re done with your first plate, wait for 10 minutes. Drink water.
    1. Assess how full you are on a scale of 1-10.
    2. If you want to eat until satisfaction, you should stop at a 7-8, with 10 being totally stuffed.
  8. Your second plate might be for the unhealthy food. Follow the 1-3 bite rule.
  9. Continue to ask yourself how full you are and stop when you have arrived at that level.
  10. **BONUS TIP: Eat slower than everyone else so you are not sitting with people that are eating. Make it a contest. If you do finish earlier, you will be tempted to mindlessly snack on unhealthy food. INSTEAD, put a cup of water in your hand or a napkin so you can fidget. Put your plate in the sink so you can’t eat more.

Want more tips? Check out this video for insights on thought patterns to fix to make healthy during the holidays easier!

Hope that helps!

ENJOY the food! Train yourself to dissect the flavor of all the food you’re eating. Enjoy the company you are with, make that the sweetest thing of the night!

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