6 Week Health Challenge is Here!!

Exciting news team!!!

Tomorrow (Sept 7th) is the first day of our 6 week health challenge!

I would LOVE for you to join! It’s a national challenge, and us health coaches each have our own team we monitor and coach.

This is my friend who has done the last few health challenges. It’s been AMAZING to see her transformation!

Lose the baby fat! Enter the 6 week health challenge!

Don’t wait for the perfect moment and perfect schedule to get healthy! Start TODAY and you will be that much more ahead in a month.

Here are some of the rules:

–The buy in is $23 (all goes to prizes!)

–Starts on the 7th (but you can join late, up to 2 weeks! You will be pro-rated)

–Goes for 6 weeks

–You get points for the healthy things you do (sleep, eating well, having quiet time, interacting with the team)

–You can choose to maintain (within 1%+ or 3.9%-) or lose weight (4% or more)

–If you reach your goal & get your points, all winners get to split the winner’s pool

–Anyone can play using any health program or method they want

–It’s just an easy way to have a ton of fun and get healthy!

We have prizes along the way. My favorite is the Fit Bit we give away!!

Use this link to join the challenge and you will be on our team!


If you think of others who would benefit from this group, go to your settings and get your share link. Your friends are welcome!

You can also get the FREE APP HERE.


Again it would be a blast to have you on the group! Take care!!!

To learn more about my health coaching services email me HERE for a free consultation

What’s is like to be a health coach anyway? Why did I quit my NURSING job for it??


Serious! I would love to hear what you think about that!

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