6 tricks to help you stop eating before you are full

stop eating

Notice that I said to stop eating BEFORE you are full. How are you with that?

The goal to healthy eating should be to feel satisfied, or not hungry. A lot of Americans have lost touch with their body’s fullness cues because they have come to expect that each time they have a meal, they should be stuffed. It’s easy to be at a restaurant and want to make sure you get your money’s worth (especially at a buffet), so you eat until your stomach hurts. That… is not healthy.

What does fullness feel like to you?

Think about it.

To me, it’s like my stomach is saying, “Ahhhhhh.” I feel relaxed and content. I have no hunger pains. I am not left wanting. Mt stomach does not feel stretched or bloated. I don’t feel like I need to hide my stomach with my sweater because it is bulging out (come one, we’ve allll done that).

Here are some tricks that help me tune into my body’s fullness cues. Eating the right amount has everything to do with weight loss and keeping your weight off. Hey, it worked for me!

1. Decide ahead how much food you should eat

Don’t be too strict that you feel deprived—it just helps you become more aware. When I am talking with family during a meal, I don’t realize when I keep serving myself food. Before I know it, I’ve accidentally eaten so much that my stomach hurts. If I had planned ahead and decided I would only have a 2 pieces of pizza, or one healthy serving of each item,  it would most likely have been easier to remember to stop at a comfortable spot.

2. Rate your fullness

Before, during and after you eat, rate your fullness on a scale from 1-10, ten being absolutely stuffed. Pause while you eat and ask yourself, “do I feel satisfied?” Remember, it may take awhile before you understand your bod’y cues. It’s OK! Be patient with yourself as you learn to be more sensitive to what information your body is giving you.

Don’t be afraid of finding out that you are still hungry. It’s GOOD to eat when you are hungry. Also, don’t be afraid to find out it’s time to stop. Some people don’t want to learn this technique because they don’t want to stop eating before their friends were done, or before the whole piece of cake was gone.

Be open to the answers your body give you, and respond to them honestly!

3. Drink water

Before you eat, try drinking about 1/2 cup to 1 cup of water. Sometimes your body thinks it’s hungry when it’s really just thirsty. Quenching your body’s thirst will help your body to give you real answers as to when you’ve had enough to eat.

4. Put your fork down between bites

I LOVE this tip. It slows your eating down, allows you to enjoy your food more, and helps you become more aware of your body’s cues. I used to have an automatic shovel hand, where my fork would just go up and down, up and down, without me even thinking about it.

Stop that motion! Slow down, and get your brain involved when eating. Sometimes I sat on my hands in order to retrain that shovel hand of mine. Weird, I know.

5. Swallow before taking another bite

Similar to the other one, but another distinct favorite of mine. This works ESPECIALLY with sweets! People think that if they don’t eat their peach pie as fast as possible, somehow it will disappear (and maybe it will if you are sharing it with someone 😉 ).

Watch yourself the next time you have a dessert. You will be surprised at how quickly you eat without truly savoring the flavor. When you are conscious about the flavor and the speed in eating, you will have time to think about your body’s fullness cues and respond accordingly.

6.Evaluate the taste of your food

Pause. How does the food taste? What ingredients stand out? Can you guess what ingredients went in it? What do you like about the texture of the food? It the taste worth eating? Are you eating just because it’s in front of you, or because it actually tastes good?

Making a big deal about the flavor of food will help you enjoy the eating experience as a whole. You will look forward to high quality foods that satisfy both your hunger, and your taste buds. You are less likely to over eat when you can satisfy both.

7. Don’t feel pressure to finish everything on your plate

Yep! You have my permission to throw your food away, or maybe just store it in the fridge for later. Many people have lost touch with their body’s cues because they think they MUST eat what is given to them. How will you ever listen to your body when you force it to eat what your eyes are seeing? Your eyes can’t hear what your stomach is saying.

Turns out there’s 7 haha but I don’t want to change my pic!


I have some good news and bad news to share!

Good news first: I got up all by myself on the wind surfer last weekend! I think the hardest part actually was forcing myself to get in the cold water—I’m such a baby when it comes to cold water.

Bad news: I re-injured my sacroiliac joint. Have you guys ever even heard of that??? Training for our 1/2 marathon in October (Goblin Valley!!!) is gonna be interesting…hopefully I can get crackin’ again soon. Maybe I’ll bike with my hubby while he runs. I don’t know about you guys, but we get eaten alive with mosquitoes when we run! Running by streams and manure sure doesn’t help—but at least it’s gorgeous!


We didn’t get a chance to go to the State Fair after all. My grandma was feeling sick so everyone left early while we were still on the lake. Oh well, gave us time to eat out with my brother-in-law and his cute date (I’m crossing my fingers for this one!!), and have a “Once Upon a Time,” party. We are soooo addicted to that series!!

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What has your experience been with any of those tips?

Any different ones to add? Which one would you like to try for a week?

Anyone ever injured their SI joint?!

34 thoughts on “6 tricks to help you stop eating before you are full

  1. #3 and #4 are good ones for me I’ve been doing that for a long time and it really helps!! What do you do when stressed about surgery? I guess i’ll just leave the fork down. Heha!!

    • SAME WITH ME!!! The day I finally realized that I could either waste my body, or waste my food-I was like, Of COURSE I will waste my fooood!

      Yeah–dishing yourself the right amount or less is the best way for me! Thanks for your great comment Lisa!

  2. Putting your fork down in between bites is such a small move but man I bet that would make a huge difference. I’ve been eating way too fast lately AND I’ve been bad at putting together a plate and sitting down to eat it. It’s just been a lot of snacking and picking here and there…which is no bueno. Great tips! As usual, water is also super helpful. Maybe one day I’ll learn and start drinking more water haha
    Lauren @ ihadabiglunch recently posted…Lentil Bruschetta Dip (recipe)My Profile

    • I think that’s so great you can do that Deb! Yeah I told my uncle about it and he was awe struck…and then he went and lost TEN POUNDS in ONE MONTH just by eating until he was satisfied. Revolutionary! Hah!

    • OH GREAT!!!!!! I don’t want to have back pains after having kids. Sue no!!! It seems like I have everything you have. I have lower back pain aside from SI pain…so hospital nursing KILLS me, being on my feet all day. I’ve always been told to strengthen the muscles in my core, so I think I’ll take that even more seriously! THANKS! How do you run through all that pain girl?!

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