How to make a recipe healthier—the guide to healthy substitutes

ULTIMATE GUIDE! i love this! Simple ways I never thought of!

Good morning Superstars! How was your weekend?? I’ll get to our weekend drama after this…we had quite the experience. The other week one of my amazing holistic wellness clients  mentioned that she wanted to learn how to make recipes healthier, so I thought I would put this puppy up! My favorite trick to healthifying recipes…
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Feast on food, or feast on friendship? Tips for a happy, smart Thanksgiving


Hey everyone!! One more day until Thanksgiving!! I’ll be running a half marathon tomorrow…so wish me luck! So, back in my out-of-control years, food was always on my mind!! Especially when I knew a holiday feast was coming up. I would fixate on how determined I was to avoid certain ‘temptations’. I would think about…
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Meal planning and meal prep—why they’re essential to a healthy lifestyle

These 2 habits CHANGED MY LIFE!!

Hey guys!! Hope you’re having a killer week so far! San Francisco was amaaaazing, just so you know So many people, building, and so much traffic! I did end up missing my country quiet. There’s nothing like running in clean air through fields instead of traffic! So guess what I did this morning! I MEAL…
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