Cheating is for Diets…That Don’t Work

As most of you know, I am a health coach, and focus primarily on helping people lose weight AND keep it off long term.

Through the years I have worked with people who have become victim to the “Diet Mentality.”

What’s that?

It’s a world full of guilt and shame.

It’s a world where you use the word “cheat” every day, or you are deathly afraid of the moment you will “cheat” and therefore ruin your WHOLE day.

You’re always beating yourself up for the cheating that will inevitably occur, and constantly focused on what you CAN’T have.

You see your success in black and white.

If you cheat in the morning, you might as well cheat the rest of the day because what’s the use? Your day isn’t perfect anymore. And you are all about perfection. If you can’t have perfection, you are a total failure and you will never get your health goals.

Ok ok ok. I could go on, but.

Sounds pretty awful right? Sounds like getting healthy is like getting a little taste of hell.

How to lose weight and quit saying, "I quit"

But take a second, DO YOU LIVE IN THAT WORLD STILL?!!

Is getting healthy associated with negative feelings?!! Guilt, shame, self-loathing, self-doubt, hopelessness…

Well, stop it.

Stop it right now.

I’m here to tell you that if you are sincere about getting healthy for LIFE, then your path to health MUST be a joyful, uplifting path. If you’re stuck in the diet mentality of negativity, you will continue to spiral in circles, losing weight, gaining it back, over and over again.

Getting healthy is NOT about perfection. It can’t be. It’s about finding your OWN, personal journey–one that you write every single day. How exciting is that?!

There is no RIGHT OR WRONG with how you get healthy. Therefore, there is NO SUCH THING AS CHEATING. You can’t “cheat” when you’re making real lifestyle changes

Health is a journey.

It’s not one single final destination.

You don’t have to follow the exact right path in the maze of health in feat that if you make the right turn you will dead end and be stuck forever. It’s all about adjusting as you go.

Consider your GPS. You put in the target location. When you miss a turn, what does your GPS do? It REROUTES. It doesn’t say you cheated. It doesn’t tell you to quit your journey because you failed. It simply adjusts and finds a new path, your own path.

You need to learn to Freedom Eat. It’s simple. It’s eating free from the shame and guilt. It’s keeping a healthy mind frame and focusing on the positive.

There is no black and white perfection to getting healthy.

There is no quitting or cheating during the day, because you choose health every single second of every single day. If you think you ‘messed up,’ don’t focus on it. Focus on the future and know that the next choice you make can be GREAT, and don’t let any guilt or regret or shame cloud your vision for your future.

A few metaphors I have heard about dealing with what you think are “cheats” or “mess ups” during the day:

–What do you do when you drop your phone? Do you grab a hammer and smash it to pieces? Absolutely not. Is that how you treat your health each day? If you eat a snickers and that’s not according to your plan, do you give up and eat 5 more?  I mean why not? Your plan is cracked…you might as well smash it to pieces right??

–If you drop one egg and break it, do you drop the rest of the dozen eggs you bought? No. You clean it up and protect the rest, taking note of WHY and HOW you dropped that egg, learn from it and move on with confidence that you won’t drop another one.

If you’re tempted to give up on the rest of the day because you messed up once…..just remember that health is not about that. You are training your mind to be a healthy mind. One that has a healthy mentality throughout the whole day, because health is YOU.

You now define yourself as a healthy, radiating person. It’s a mentality that you don’t turn on and off according to your mistakes. A healthy mind is hopeful, joyful, and focuses on your potential, and all the positive things you do.

So celebrate more!

Focus on the good, and give yourself more credit than you think you deserve. Trust that you love your body and can take care of it. Next time you catch yourself ‘cheating,’ shrug your shoulders, smile and know that you’re fine. You get to start over right then and there. It’s not the end of your day.

If it is, then maybe your visions of health are a little short sighted. If you’re going for a life of optimal health, then you will know there’s no giving up, because every second of your day is a chance to choose health.


–Become aware of your thoughts. Whenever you have a negative thought about yourself or your success, replace it with a thought of hope. Find something to celebrate (I am REALLY good at that one, and it makes life fun!).

–Don’t say the word “cheat” anymore. Maybe you can say, “I chose to go off my plan for a minute, but I’m back on. And that’s exciting!” Or something less cheesey—just keep it positive :)

Remember you are AMAZING! You have an incredible body. Give it a lot of loving, and trust me, it will give you a lot of loving back!

Make an incredible day and radiate with health!!


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