The Dangers of Giving up Meat – Part Two: Carnivore? Herbivore? Omnivore? Scavenger.


Hey Super Stars! It’s Friday!!! Hope you have some awesome plans for this weekend! We are continuing on Doug’s guest post yesterday about a whole foods plant based. Let’s get started! Click here for PART ONE of this post! I am a starchivore. You might not know it, but you are too. Really, humans are scavengers. Herbivores only…
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The Dangers of Giving Up Meat


Well…there aren’t any…that I know of at least. I have been SUPER stoked to get this guest post out! Seven months ago my sister and brother-in-law (Doug and Steph) chose to follow a 100% whole foods plant based diet (similar to vegan, but a little healthier). (Can you tell we’re sisters?) Doug and Steph researched…
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Are your medications healing you, or hurting you?

YOU SHOULD BE AWARE OF THIS!! I can't believe we consume about 75% of the world’s prescription drugs!

Hey everyone! It’s Terrific Tuesday!! Quick update on the 5 week Healthy Games Challenge–so far its going CRAZY well! My latest favorite quote from one of my teammates: “We have waffles for dinner every Sunday, so this Sunday I made myself a really yummy salad to eat beforehand, and then had 1 waffle instead of…
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Stop being tricked by food labels—learn to read them the right way


Hey everyone!! Hope you’re all doing really well! Life’s been GREAT–and very busy! Recently I did a grocery store tour with one of my amazing holistic wellness clients.  We talked about grocery shopping tips, how to avoid grocery store marketing strategies, what to buy for a whole foods diet, and my favorite—how to read labels properly. If…
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