I can’t lose weight because I’m addicted to sugar

Hey Super Stars!

I have an exciting announcement! We are going LIVE tonight to teach you about sugar addiction! First time ever! I’ll explain–>

Last year I partnered up with a fellow health coach named Renny Grames! We are both recovered sugar addicts and have a passion for helping people find their freedom from sugar–and food.

The stories are quite fascinating!

After MONTHS of writing, filming, editing, brainstorming, etc, we are finally DONE and ready to show you what we discovered!

We are doing a free live webinar tonight at 7 pm MST (9 EST, 8 CST, 6 PST) to tell you key points of how to overcome sugar addiction in a holisitc, deep way.

Most people focus on 30 day detox diets but they don’t work long term. We have discovered key principles to help you connect your mind and body connect so you can READ your body cues and respond to them!

You learn how to trust yourself, identify triggers when they come and tease apart emotional cravings vs physiological cravings. You’ll learn if your personality is an abstainer or a moderator–Renny and I are different so we have a unique perspective!

Here’s an interview I did with a gal who has been using our 3 Month Sugar Leash Home Course and is almost graduated!

Join us for our live webinar and learn more–just register here! We’d love to have you with us!

Please don’t let sugar hold you back from hitting your goals and feeling free!



Meanwhile have a GREAT day!! Do a good deed today!

xo Kirtley Freckleton


Free webinar registration link HERE! See you tonight!


Do you feel bad for people who are healthy??

Hey Super Stars!

How have you been doing? It’s been a long time!! I hope you are doing well!

I wanted to share what’s on my mind this week….I’m curious what you will think!


Think about someone you know who just RADIATES health. They are fit, they eat well…they just have it put together. They just kinda glow!

Alright, do you see that person?

Now…take a guess.

Do you think they are happy?

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How many lbs do you want to lose BEFORE the New Years?

Hey Super Stars! How’s it going? So I only have a few minutes to chat but I want to get the word out! Our Holiday Health Challenge starts on MONDAY!!! This is an AMAZING challenge, you won’t want to miss it! Before you say, “I don’t want to miss out on pumpkin pie!!”please know it’s…
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How your kids will WANT to get rid of their Halloween candy…and a few tips for YOU!

Hey Super Stars! I am BACK! At long last! I decided that I don’t love to write, but I do like doing videos! I am making plans to be here more often to see how it goes. We shall see! If you do want more frequent contact with my tips, then you can get on…
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If you don’t feel passionate every day…you should read this

Wow! I took a minute to count how many books I read/listened to last year. I was amazed! Ever since I found my purpose I’ve gone through about 9 times more material for growth and I plan to double that this year.
We live in such a beautiful world. We have so much potential. So much power.

There’s so much out there for each and every one of us.

Ask yourself if you are 100% fulfilled right now. If you’re not, know that it doesn’t have to stay like that. There IS a way, and there is a way for YOU! Just get over your fears and excuses, stop blaming or being the victim. Stop it! Continue reading


January “New You” Health Challenge! It’s time to do something!!

Hey there friends! I added more pics than usual for this post because I was having fun:) Are you excited for 2016?? I am! Now is the time of year where we all commit to getting healthier! Just a quick question–your goals for 2015… did you they happen?? Maybe some can relate;) I just want…
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9 Ways to Avoid Overeating Christmas Dinner

Merry Christmas my friends!! Hope you all have happy plans for today and tomorrow! Josh and I are in Texas enjoying the warm weather with his family. It’s perfect running weather and I’ve really enjoyed that! And great mornings for meditating! So I know many of you are debating whether or not you want to…
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Best Gifts for ‘Healthifying’ your Kitchen

Happy holidays team!! I hope you are enjoying this time of the year! Our 4 week holiday health challenge is wrapping up, and I’ve LOVED seeing the progress of the member! One client has lost 18 lbs in 5 weeks, it’s been fun to watch her progress! I thought I would make a holiday gift…
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Living the Law of Abundance for Healthy Weight Loss

Hey there super stars! I’m really excited for this post because I teach it to my clients all the time, plus it changed everything for me! What do you think of when you hear the word, “deprivation”? What about the word, “abundance”? Which world would you rather live in?? Which world are you living in NOW? Photo…
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